Friday, 21 May 2010

Where I Sew

Although not particularly pokey my little house does not have any room to spare with 6 people and a cat living in it! My dream is to have enough room to have my own area to sit and sew in and to be able to spread out. I would love you to think that I sit and make stuff in a beautiful little room with antique lace at the window and shabby cushions strewn about with rolls of fabric all lined up and a little bird on the open window sill....... however the reality is rather far from that. As it stands I currently sew on the kitchen table, which is a bit of a pain for several reasons;
I have to clean the table before I use it each time (to keep fabrics clean),
I have to clean the kitchen floor daily for the same reason (it’s lino),
I have to time my sewing so that I don’t hit mealtimes,
If a mealtime is creeping up I have to put everything away and take all fabrics upstairs (so that they don’t get any cooking smells on them)…,
…. and afterwards, I have to clean the table again and get it all back out again,
The ironing board is always up and the iron on when I am sewing and when kids come pouring into the kitchen looking for snacks (which is often) I am always paranoid that they will touch the iron, so I tend to flap a bit each time they come in,
I tend not to tackle any large makes as everything has to be packed away regularly.

I guess that most people work like this, and it is not exactly a hardship but a girl can dream. I have a picture in my head of my ideal room but can't find a picture to match it, however in this months Ideal Homes Magazine there was a sewing room which is quite sweet….

(source: Ideal Homes Magazine June 2010)

Instead of this corner of my kitchen :( ...

The majority of my fabric and bits and bobs are stored away up in my bedroom and in the other rooms wherever I can find a spot; here is some of it:
Not very sexy plastic drawers!!
Stuff I have made that I plan to give away or perhaps sell eventually, all professionally wrapped in sandwich bags (?!?):


My top drawer containing stuff I am currently working on, this travels about the house with me.

When the day comes that I do have space for a sewing room, if my husband does not commandeer it for a computer room, I guess it will be with mixed emotions. Other than winning the lottery and buying a huge 7 bed house (which is completely unrealistic as I don't play the lottery!) a spare room will mean that kids have left home and I just can’t contemplate that, so I guess I should count my blessings.

Back Soon ♥


Pink Poppy said...

I have those sexy plastic drawers too lol!

Poppy x

The Mosaic Garden said...

I'd love a work room like the one you picked in the magazine, I'm lucky enough to have my own workshop but unfortunately I have to share it with mice who are rather partial to nibbling my sketch pads!

Crafting in the beach hut said...

Aww what a sweet post - makes me be a bit more appreciative of my kitchen table too. I'd far rather have my little boy here than a fab sewing room (although that one you found does look rather delicious....). I share all the issues you mention (other than the sandwich bags - love them!) so my stuff is in a complete pickle. I kind of know where everything is though (ish) xox

PS Thanks for entering my giveaway - I've extended the closing date to 12th June as we're off to France next week so will be away -I'll be in touch if you win! Lucy x

Alex said...

This might be contraversial but I don't really like the magazine sewing room - too bland for my liking.

Your fabric stash though, I am very much liking that. The red and cream patterned one on the right hand side is gorgeous!

Kandi said...

Alex I know what you mean, I would prefer old furniture and probably lots of clutter.
Kandi x

LaaLaa said...

I am lucky enough to have a craft room but I wish it looked like the Ideal Homes one. Mine is a spare bedroom and I share it with the laundry. Kandi, I wish my kitchen looked like your's! I've got a galley type (tiny) kitchen. I need to move! Lynda xxx

hartfelt said...

Although you work in your kitchen you always produce some lovely things :)
My desk is great but I have no room for my dining table now so I also would love a craft room, perhaps one day :) lol.