Saturday, 8 May 2010

65th Anniversary of VE Day

I can't let today pass without mention that today is the 65th Anniversary of VE Day (8th May 1945). VE Day celebrated the end of the Second World War in Europe (Victory in Europe) when Germany surrendered to the Allied Forces. This was a day for celebration and contemplation for the whole of Britain, the war was over but so many of our men and women never came home.

So today in honour of this auspicious occasion I present my VE day commemorative purse:

Whilst looking for some blue fabric for the base I came across this monsoon skirt that had made its way into my fabric stash. I bought it a while ago and it was too big for me so I altered it to fit and had only worn it twice when it got splashed with bleach (don’t ask)! So yesterday I took the scissors to it.
Now I have a pile of lovely denim and a zip and little button.

So I used this denim as a base to make my new little purses. Embellished of course with patriotic beads as a zip pull.


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Pink Poppy said...

Fab use of the denim for your purses! You should sell these Kandi as they are brilliant.
Poppy x

Anonymous said...

I love all your UJ makes. There are so many of them around at the moment, but yours are just that little bit different.xx

Alex said...

How fab! I always love a patriotic piece and this is just perfect.

It's a shame that VE Day has been slightly overshadowed by all the hooha about the election isn't it?

Crafting in the beach hut said...

Aww what a thoughtful post. And I am a huge fan of reduce, reuse and recycle (or is it re-purpose? Or up-cycle?) so finding such a great chic use for your skirt is ace. My sis gave me a pair of lovely 'preloved' tweed trousers for my stash today - I'm inspired by this post to bite the bullet and get the scissors out! xox

xoLauraox09 said...

The purse looks great!

Stars and Shoes

x x x x

qwiksave said...

Another fabulous make Kandi. That design is so in fashion at the moment too.


Vicki said...

Is the zip a recycled one from the skirt? If so I didn't know thatyou could do that!
Love the purse.
Vicki xxx

jane p said...

These are so cool. Nice touch with the lace.

Deborah said...

These are very cute purses.... dont you have a shop????

Jackie said...

I love your purses - and agree with the other girls - your should sell them! x

Kandi said...

Aww, thanks again ladies. People have contacted me to buy bits and pieces but I don't have a shop as such. Vicki that particular zip is not the one from the denim skirt but yes you can remove and recycle zips.
Kandi x