Monday, 10 May 2010

♥ ~ The Kindness of Strangers ~ ♥

Well last week I received a beautiful parcel from a virtual friend – the lovely Amanda of Amanda Makes (Amanda has just reached 30 followers and is having a giveaway too so why not pop over and have a look over at her lovely blog?).

This gift was just such a treasure; it was too lovely not to share so here you go:

My little parcel of treasures, I opened it carefully and kept the paper too:

I can't choose something that I could say was a favourite, I loved all of it!

The union jack brooch has made its way straight onto my denim jacket and all of the other bits have been shared out into their new homes amongst my buttons, ribbons and cotton boxes, I can't wait to use them and will be sure to show whatever they turn into here soon. I have already used up some of that beautiful pink embroidery thread on a little make I did yesterday, I will post about that tomorrow.
Thanks so much to all of you for following my blog I am really pleased and surprised that people are interested in my little makes.

Amanda thank you so much for your kind gift I was delighted.
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Pink Poppy said...

Wow what a lovely lot of goodies. I love those woven labels!

Poppy x

Pink Poppy said...

Just wanted to say as well Kandi- your blog is great and I`m not surprised lots of peeps are following as you have a great mix of bits not just one theme so its very interesting!

Poppy x

dizzytina said...

Wow lovely selection from Amanda. Is it from Crafty Helen's fabric swap? Love the union jack - just up your street Kandi :-).
I have just posted my fabric swap i just hope my swap partner likes it lol! x

Kandi said...

Thanks so much ladies. No it's not from the fabric swap it was just a gift, so kind! I posted my Fabric Swap stuff on Thursday I am quite anxious too, hope she liked it.
Kandi x

Vintage Vixen said...

What a lovely parcel! I'd have been excited to.
I'm loving your blog!

xoLauraox09 said...

Such a lovely gift :) !


x x x x

Anonymous said...

What a lovely parcel. My word you are organised with my swap - I'm nowhere near to posting yet!xx

giddynici said...

How lovely. Those buttons are just gorgeous! x