Friday, 27 February 2015

I'm a Sock Virgin

I don't know why but for the longest time I have always considered knitting socks as something that is way beyond my skill level.
I have knit in the round many times and I have knit lots of stuff on DPN's but never socks, why?
Well no more, I'm gonna be a big brave girl and give them a go.  
I found this Two Needle Sock pattern in one of my books (Simple Knitting by Erika Knight) which was a gift from a dear friend:
 Socks for cheats!  Socks knitted flat and seamed up the back.  I have spoken to ladies who have made these and I am assured that you can't feel the seam. I've got the wool in my stash and I'm going in.
If I end up with a functioning pair of socks I will be sure to be back to shout it from the rooftops!
So far so good.

In anticipation of the fact that I will nail my sock making phobia; I've bought a couple of skeins of gorgeous sock wool for my next adventure.

Back Soon 
(with socks hopefully)
Lisa x

Thursday, 26 February 2015

Happy Street

Currently on my needles:

Happy Street by the clever lady that bought us the Color Affection.

I have opted for green and greys.

Dark Grey:  Fyberspates, Scrumptious 4 ply / sport superwash in 307: Slate
Green:Fyberspates, Scrumptions 4ply/sport in Flying Saucer (cool name)
Silver Grey: Fyberspates Scrumptious DK/Worsted in 112: Silver

I'm currently at the stage where I am on long rows so it's taking me a while now but it is a lovely simple pattern to follow.  

Here's hoping I'll have it finished blocked and ready to wear before the warm weather arrives.

Back Soon

Lisa xx

Monday, 23 February 2015


Morning all.  

It's time for a change, a spring clean, a little shake up.

I have had a bit of a re-brand, clean and simple and I love it.

I do intend to put more into my blog this year and this is the start of that commitment.

What do you think?

Back Soon

Lisa xx

Sunday, 22 February 2015

Mittens Galore

If you're a woman in my life you will have received a pair of mittens from me recently.  
I get myself into a mitten frenzy every year.  Last year I went ga-ga for Sandras Cherry Basket Mittens and this year it is the lovely heather's Miss Read Mitts that I became addicted to.
Here are just some of the mittens I made as gifts this winter for dear friends and family.

There were others that I didn't get a photo of but what a lovely little pattern and so easy to follow.  

Wonder what next years mitten addiction will be?

Back Soon
Lisa xx

Saturday, 21 February 2015

The Springtime Throw

The Springtime Throw - by Nikki Trench this has been in the making for many a year now.  
I started this way back in August 2011!! as a bit of a stash buster using up scraps of wool left over from other projects. 
 I had a splurge on it way back when and only picked it up now and again since then.  
I found it again back in January and realised I had spent many an hour making these little squares and if I didn't do something about it, it would have all been for nothing.
(powered by tea and biscuits)

 I dug deep and made this my main project instead of something to drop onto when I felt like it and I finally finished it this month.  There were mistakes along the way!
 I was supervised these last few weeks closely by my cat Oskar.
 He took a massive shine to this blanket.
In all it's glory. 

 The pattern called for a 4mm hook and I used a 3mm as I wanted dinky little squares.  The finished item was a good sized lap blanket but I added a lacy border to bring it all together.  I couldn't find a border I liked so I designed this one, its very simple but effective I think.  

It has been said that it looks a bit like a skeleton in a bobble hat and I must agree. 
Oskar has well and truly claimed it, wherever it is he gravitates to it.

Back Soon
Lisa xx

Friday, 20 February 2015

I've got a thing for shawls

CaladoniaShawlThis is a pattern that grabbed me right away.  Just browsing pinterest I came across the pattern and had to make it.  
The body of the shawl took no time at all but the lacy border was another story.  There were so many stitch markers required I ran out and had to improvise and make my own from my bead stash!

  There was swearing and frogging aplenty.  The picot bind off seemed to take an age it was like two steps forward and one step back. 
 I got there in the end though and I am really pleased with this.  I picked the yarn up at Yarndale last Autumn  from The Skein Queen

I had some leftover yarn so make some matching gloves, based on the pattern by Suzie of the Wool Sanctuary but tweaked a bit with another picot bind off.
 Sunlight Shawl for Sad People – I have made one of these recently and I was delighted with how it turned out. A lovely lady I work with pointed me to this pattern and I was so pleased she did.
It drapes so well and I find it is the scarf I wear most often.  I will be making another one of these this year.
  The pattern is such a quick knit, it is so simple with no counting and you chose where to make the stitch changes.  I think it would lend itself to a nice colourful variegated yarn so I must keep my eyes peeled for the right stuff.
Having some of this yarn left too I make a couple of pairs of leaf collectors mittens from Sarah's beautiful pattern here.
 I kept one pair and gifted one. Love em!
Back Soon
Lisa xx

Thursday, 19 February 2015

Catch Up and Baby Bunting

Since the discovery of Instagram I have felt less need to document my makes on here which was the purpose of creating this little blog all those years ago.  
I want to remedy that and intend to do a few little catch up posts to have a record of recent makes that didn’t make it onto the blogosphere.  
Please bear with me while I indulge my online record keeping.
My most recent completed project was a commission for two sets of baby bunting for two new arrivals.  This is the result.  
I have made a few sets of these now and they always come out a treat.  
The pennant pattern can be found here from Lucy's blog and the crochet letters are from a pattern here.  Using Sublime Baby Cashmerino and a 3mm hook they are a nice size. 
They do take such a long time to make with the crochet time and all the washing, blocking and pinning of all the little letters but I think it’s worth it.
I usually add a little embellishment to the front and end of the name, either a flower or a butterfly (pattern here), but for a boy I must admit I came up blank, any suggestions for simple clear boy motifs I could add if I make any more in the future? 
Back Soon
Lisa xx