Saturday, 21 February 2015

The Springtime Throw

The Springtime Throw - by Nikki Trench this has been in the making for many a year now.  
I started this way back in August 2011!! as a bit of a stash buster using up scraps of wool left over from other projects. 
 I had a splurge on it way back when and only picked it up now and again since then.  
I found it again back in January and realised I had spent many an hour making these little squares and if I didn't do something about it, it would have all been for nothing.
(powered by tea and biscuits)

 I dug deep and made this my main project instead of something to drop onto when I felt like it and I finally finished it this month.  There were mistakes along the way!
 I was supervised these last few weeks closely by my cat Oskar.
 He took a massive shine to this blanket.
In all it's glory. 

 The pattern called for a 4mm hook and I used a 3mm as I wanted dinky little squares.  The finished item was a good sized lap blanket but I added a lacy border to bring it all together.  I couldn't find a border I liked so I designed this one, its very simple but effective I think.  

It has been said that it looks a bit like a skeleton in a bobble hat and I must agree. 
Oskar has well and truly claimed it, wherever it is he gravitates to it.

Back Soon
Lisa xx


Michelle said...


Please can I steal your cat? He is fabulous!

(I love your blanket too)


Projects By Jane said...

This blanket is soooo beautiful. One day I would like to make something like this but maybe much smaller, like for a doll. I admire your patience.
p.s. love, love the lacy border

Country Rabbit said...

feel like ive not been here for some time, i should put blog feeds back on my blog as i hardly do instagram these days. lovely to catch up and see your beautiful makes, xx

Maria said...

Gorgeous colourful blanket - so lovely, and must feel great to finally get it finished!
Maria x

Gem said...

This is stunning. It may have taken an age to create but my gosh it is beautiful. Oskar is such a handsome chap, isn't he! He's doing such a fine job of modelling the blanket for you too, bless him x x x x

caromaya said...

This blanket is beautiful.