Sunday, 31 July 2011

UFO Progress and Bits

I joined in with LaaLaa's UFO Support Group with the intention of clearing some of my unfinished objects before starting even more.

(Trouble is I'm such a sucker for new things, I already have two new projects on the go ... shhhh, dont tell Lynda)
I didn't really get my backside in gear and still have not finished anything!!

This has been almost ready for over a month now and just sat there unloved,

I did make a little progress with my little hexies, they are joining together to make something pretty.  

To be fair it does take ages to do these and they are coming along quite well,

Second was my crochet squares I started these and quickly fell out of love with them. 

The original idea was a cushion but I couldn't bear to carry on with them so they will end up as a mini cushion with lavender for my bed.  I have made a start on the back of the cushion but again not finished!

Oh and a sneaky pear dishcloth I just had to make...

Can I just share some lovely gifts I won this week from the lovely Jodi at OhSewBeautiful

I love cups and this one is my new breakfast cup, and how cute are these buttons?

The chocolate is long gone, the lavender bag is asleep amongs my fabric stash and the card has pride of place on my fireplace - I love it!  I have only skimmed the book but it has loads of promise.

Thanks again chick xx 

Jodi is hosting a Cupcake Swap, if you fancy joining in? 

 It's open until the 20th August, pop over and have a look I'm all swapped out for the minute but I might be tempted to join in at the last minute, I hate to be left out ;0)

I've had a few enquiries about the book thongs I mentioned in my last post.  Thank you for all the kind words, I have added some to my folksy shop if anyone is interested, I plan to add more soon x
Right I'm off to make another dint in my UFO pile.

~ ♥ Back Soon ♥ ~ 

Thursday, 28 July 2011

More Felty Makes and Gifts

Well, it has to be said I'm still addicted to making my felty rings, they are just too cute, here are my latest batch...

I do get addicted to something then do it to death and move on; enough rings already!

I had a visit from my lovely friend Nic at the weekend and received some fabulous handmade items, they say great minds think alike ~ she made me a book thong! It's fabulous and I love it lots.

Another beautiful gift was these earrings, hand twisted and hammered, they are very me (can't tell you how happy I am with these)! 

I keep telling Nic to open a shop she really is very talented at jewellery making, I own the most beautiful stuff she has made me, at present she only makes for family and friends (lucky me!)
I was also the recipient of these stunning notecards from Paperchase ~ my two favourite things ~ papercuts and Russian Dolls!

Thanks again xxx

Another wonderful parcel arrived this week from the lovely Beki over at BekiMaries ~ we did an additional fabric swap and wow, was I amazed at what arrived.  I have to add that my backup camera died this day and I didn't get any close up's but I was thrilled and delighted with the contents! 
There are a few fabrics in here I would trade one of my kids for (Beki take your pick 4 boys aged 11-16, let me know which one to send lol)

Can you see the Russian Doll pin cushion ~ wowzer she's my absolute favourite thing at the minute.
Thanks again lovely xx

I've got so many new fabric options now that I'm itching to start a new project, but I've got so much to finish already ~ in the words of Natalie Imbruglia 'I'm Torn'!

Right I'm off to make a dent in my WIP, new fabric get thee behind me; although I've just received a couple of cute crochet patterns from Pink Poppy that I might have to squeeze in...
~ ♥ Back Soon ♥ ~ 

Monday, 25 July 2011

Bookish Makes

I have fancied making a covered notebook for some time now and I had just enough Cath Kidston Cotton Duck left to make one.

This was the simplest thing to make just like the plastic cover on a library book but in fabric with a little bit of elastication to hold it in place.  To be honest if I make another I would make it a different way but it's good enough for me to use.

I added a beaded thong to the back of the spine to use as a bookmark and that got me to thinking.

Wouldn't they make nice bookmarks on their own?

So I made a few up. 

I was once an avid reader but since I re-discovered sewing and knitting books have falled by the wayside, I try to read in bed but I only last a few minutes and I'm asleep.  I am a flitter in most things and I usually have 5 or 6 partly read books by my bedside, which calls for 5 or 6 bookmarks.

I made a big batch of these and enjoyed getting the beads out again, I should really make a dint in my reading pile now.

~ ♥ Back Soon ♥ ~ 

Saturday, 23 July 2011

More swapsies and sporadic things...

Well following on from last week, I have now received my second magic ball parcel from my second swap partner Bee Happy..

I've had a miniature disaster and my camera has died, I'm pretty gutted as there are photos on there I can't retrieve but I am lucky that I do have an old camera to fall back on.  I took lots of photos of my ball as it was all wrapped up as it looked so yummy, but they've gone :(
Just imagine a big fluffy ball of pinkness all wrapped in a big pink ribbon, smelling like heaven.

This is what was inside, isn't it delightful...

 Gorgeous pink chunky wool in my favourite shade of pink!  A beautiful handmade trio of fishes for my bathroom, a handmade lavender bag, ribbons, buttons, clips and soap. 

All gorgeous, thanks so much x
~ ♥ ~
Remember the felt roses I received from Kerrie earlier this week...

..well I couldn't help but turn them into pin cushion rings, my current obsession;

my little felty rings were featured on the Mollie Makes facebook page this week *squeee* many thanks to them and to Scented Sweetpeas for this mmmwaahh!

~ ♥ ~
In other news I've been hookin' ~ the nice hookin'
I made myself a new dishcloth, an apple slice...

It's 100% cotton so should wash well, it's got a new home on my draining board. Woe betide the first one in the house to use it to mop up ribena or some other staining substance!

 p.s. the green bottle is washing up liquid, I hate having a plastic bottle plonked on the bench so I decanted it into this stoppered bottle.  I saw something similar in Ideal Home Magazine last month, but my bottle was £1.99 from Aldi ~ might be nice with chilli oil and such in...
~ ♥ ~

Last month I made some girly bunting and a little patchwork cushion for a lovely little girl, well she was rather pleased with it and popped into work with a little thank you gift, bless.
Her daddy sent me this photo of her with her new cushion and bunting, and was happy for me to share it with you,

isn't Niamh a darling?

~ ♥ ~
I've had a few enquiries about the hexie kits this week, I have popped a few back in the shop if anyone is after one.  If they run out feel free to contact me and I'll make some more up.

~ ♥ ~
Told you it was a sporadic post!
Right I'm off to look for the receipt for my poorly camera ~ whats the chances it's the only receipt I didn't keep?

~ ♥ Back Soon ♥ ~ 

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Kandi's Fabric Swap

Well as promised here is my box of 'Happy Mail' from Kerrie a lovely lady who joined in my fabric swap back in June.  Kerri is a very talented lady who lives over the other side of the world to me in Australia.

Just look at what awaited me today... beautifully wrapped little packages

 with a hint of what was to come...
 Gorgeous handmade card
 Check it out, amazing stash of fabric and lots of beauties added in there too..
 We had fabric, flowers, ribbon, lace, cotton, charms...
Is it wrong to have favourites?  These are my new favourite fabrics...

 Look at these pretties, remind you of anything, like the rings I made the other day, great minds think alike!
 Gorgeous fabric peonies, I had bookmarked Kerries page as I wanted to make some of these myself,

 More gorgeous fabrics...
Wasn't I spoiled rotten, AGAIN!

Kerri posted about the gifts I sent to her here, I forgot to take any pictures.

Thanks again Kerri, it's been great getting to know you, I will continue to stalk you on your blog and promise to keep in touch!  xx

~ ♥ Back Soon ♥ ~ 

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Magic Ball Swap No 1

Well, I took part in the magic ball swap organised by our lovely Lynda over at Hookin' With LaaLaa.

The ways things went Lynda and I ended up being paired with two ladies each and the first of my macig ball swaps arrived today from the lovely Pene - Scrap my Mid Life Crisis.

A wonderful bundle of gorgeousness awaited:

 Check out the stunning card - those flowers are magnets!

Everything in it's glory... there was, shopping bag, sweeties, beads, wire, flowers, trim, peg board, coffee/tea cozy, brooch, sweet tape and scrummy yummy wool.

 These look good enough to eat...
 You don't know how apt this is for me, it's now on the key rack next to the back door so I can't miss it.
 Wonderful Rosali Tea Cosy - it fits takeaway cups and I love it - Pene sells these check them out here.
 Sweeties - now all gone *blushes*
 Wasn't I a lucky lady?  Thanks again Pene for the gifts I love them all. And thanks to Lynda for organising it all.

Now both my ladies have their gifts I can show what I sent too, each parcel was pretty similar:

Remember my little taster a few weeks ago of makes I couldn't show, little wooly makes...

and little felty makes...

Well they turned into gifts to add to my magic ball swaps, little needle cases...

And little knitted cotton facecloths...

 Well just like busses, two swap parcels arrived today.  I also received my Fabric Swap parcel from a lovely lady Kerri from the other side of the world, Australia.  I will give that a post all of it's own tomorrow, how exciting, what a day!

Before I go, have a little look at these,

aren't they the sweetest things ever, handmade with love by the talented Beki.  I've been back and bought more of these this week as I just had to have them.  I can't bear to use them they are currently sat on my shelf still bundled in twine.  
Beki was amazed that they were selling like 'hot cakes' in her shop, but I think it's easy to see why ~ pop over and see her little delights.

~ ♥ Back Soon ♥ ~