Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Learn to Knit

So, I can do the basics and have knitted quite a few things in my time but I am very basic. Here are some of my little knitted makes. 

 When it comes to crochet I find that much simpler I tend to be able to find common sense in the patterns and if I struggle to follow the pattern I can generally work it out, I don’t find the same to be true for knitting.

I bought a bag of yarn in 2011 to make myself a jumper and it is still in its bag, I did get as far as ¾ of a sleeve but I had to frog it as I had cast on the wrong amount of stitches and I lost hope at that stage. 
Late last year I did try my hand at intarsia with dreadful results, I made a wrist warmer and it was about 4 sizes too small and would have fit a toddler.  Mmmm I need to walk before I can run I think and I need to go back to the beginning and master the basics like tension, yarn and needle sizes etc.
Maybe it is time to find a class and get some proper tuition, I think I will investigate this avenue, any suggestions or advice?

So if I do nothing else this year I will learn to knit and by the end of the year I will have produced a substantial knitted ‘something’.

I will be sure to keep you updated.

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Things to Make

Ok so I thought if I get it all down in writing it would be a point of reference and I would get some satisfaction from ticking stuff off my list. I am a big fan of lists and am forever bleating on about the importance of writing stuff down, I sometimes add stuff to my lists that I have already completed just for the sheer pleasure of crossing them off!
Mad I know!

Well I have had a rummage through my crafty cupboard and have come up with a comprehensive list of all the WIP’s that I have sitting there, all the unopened craft kits and bundles of yarn and fabric sitting waiting for me and this is a quick run down of what I want to get on with. I will not buy another thing until I have made a good dent in this little lot!

List of WIP’s
Crochet Hexie Blanket – coming along quite well, I may run out of yarn before it get’s to a reasonable size though.
Crochet Mini Garden Squares Blanket – completed just over 100 of 400, very unlikely to complete this anytime soon, I feel a cushion coming on.
Lynette Anderson Christmas Quilt – two of the large applique panels are complete, I would love to have this done for next Christmas.
Small Hexies – I will not be making anything with these just yet but I know I will go back to them at some point.
Stitched CK pouch – I mean come on, how much effort would it take to complete this, maybe next weekend!
Completed Cross Stitch
Crochet Polar Bear – I am a bit stuck with it’s snout.
Blanket Squares Swap – need to join these together and do some more filler squares. Could I maybe incorporate the mini garden squares into this?

This is less than half of what I have sat half finished!

I thought it better to concentrate on things I wanted to progress as there is no point flogging a dead horse trying to plod on with something I am no longer in love with.

I had followed this list of things to complete with a list of things I have ready to start, but that list is longer than this one so I may complete that another day! Eeek!

Since I completed my list I have already made a start on a new needlework,

 and have been making crochet jar covers (from this pattern), 

there is no hope for me, my list is ever growing!

Back Soon

Thursday, 3 January 2013

First Make of the Year

The first week of the new year is here and so far it has been a bit pants, mainly due to the fact that we have all been a bit under the weather as have many people this year.  Yesterday was my first day back to work and boy was that a wrench.  You know when you just feel a bit pants and you have barely slept, pah!

New Years Eve and New Years Day were spent mainly in pyjamas and a dressing gown and I have been partaking of a little crochet, and started joining my crochet hexies to make a start on my blanket. 

I don’t have anywhere near enough to make a full blanket yet but I thought if I started joining it up it might give me a little incentive to crack on with it.

Did I mention I fell in love with instagram, well I did and I have been skulking around there for a few weeks now and have found some of my old bloggy buddies on there.  Heather, The Patchwork Heart, has just made a beautiful cowl (Heather has also started blogging again, yay!) and shared a photo with us on instagram.  I just had to have one too, and I thought I would use the yarn I was using for my blanket as it is so soft and the colours are really gentle.

I made myself a cowl.

Inspired by Heather and following the pattern published by the talented Kath of Inverleith.

Wrapped twice:

Wrapped three times:
(apologies for dingy grainy photos)

This is just ideal for grabbing when I’m off out for a walk on the beach and I don’t have any flappy scarf issues when the wind picks up!

This did not help reduce my list of WIP’s at all but, pah who cares I love it.

Back Soon