Thursday, 10 January 2013

Things to Make

Ok so I thought if I get it all down in writing it would be a point of reference and I would get some satisfaction from ticking stuff off my list. I am a big fan of lists and am forever bleating on about the importance of writing stuff down, I sometimes add stuff to my lists that I have already completed just for the sheer pleasure of crossing them off!
Mad I know!

Well I have had a rummage through my crafty cupboard and have come up with a comprehensive list of all the WIP’s that I have sitting there, all the unopened craft kits and bundles of yarn and fabric sitting waiting for me and this is a quick run down of what I want to get on with. I will not buy another thing until I have made a good dent in this little lot!

List of WIP’s
Crochet Hexie Blanket – coming along quite well, I may run out of yarn before it get’s to a reasonable size though.
Crochet Mini Garden Squares Blanket – completed just over 100 of 400, very unlikely to complete this anytime soon, I feel a cushion coming on.
Lynette Anderson Christmas Quilt – two of the large applique panels are complete, I would love to have this done for next Christmas.
Small Hexies – I will not be making anything with these just yet but I know I will go back to them at some point.
Stitched CK pouch – I mean come on, how much effort would it take to complete this, maybe next weekend!
Completed Cross Stitch
Crochet Polar Bear – I am a bit stuck with it’s snout.
Blanket Squares Swap – need to join these together and do some more filler squares. Could I maybe incorporate the mini garden squares into this?

This is less than half of what I have sat half finished!

I thought it better to concentrate on things I wanted to progress as there is no point flogging a dead horse trying to plod on with something I am no longer in love with.

I had followed this list of things to complete with a list of things I have ready to start, but that list is longer than this one so I may complete that another day! Eeek!

Since I completed my list I have already made a start on a new needlework,

 and have been making crochet jar covers (from this pattern), 

there is no hope for me, my list is ever growing!

Back Soon


joy said...

Like you, I love lists. I always start a list with No.1 Write list. so you have something to cross off as soon as the list is written. Good luck and Happy 2013,
Joy xx

Shirley said...

Your list looks great, I think lists are exciting, I love ticking things off, but with a project to do list I also like adding things, it means I've seen something that I just 'have to' make.

Rosa Lily said...

Love the pot holder, very sweet. I think you will complete everything on this list xx

Crafty Helen said...

Good luck ploughing through your lists. I'm still in love with those reindeers! xx

Tangled Sweetpea said...

Lots of lovely WIPs
Victoria xx

Cheryl said...

I love writing lists and crossing something off straight away. If I do something extra to my list, I'll add it on the end and cross it out. Sense of achievement (ignoring the other items that are still on the list!) I'm trying to finish off projects too and just use the supplies I already have. No room for anymore.So easy to get distracted.

Jenn M said...

I love making lists too but cataloguing all my WIP's is not something I like to own up to! Good luck with everything:)

Catherine said...

I know someone just like you....ME!!! I am trying to work through a lot of those UFOs as well! Good luck! Cx

Celtic Thistle said...

You are not the only one who puts something on the list that is already done just to be able to tick it off :)

Good luck with your WIP's sometimes it is surprising just how little work is needed to finish a project. Makes you wonder why you never finished it in the first place!

Crafted by Carly said...

I'm a list-maker too. I love ANY opportunity to write out a list!!! I think listing unfinished projects is a great idea - you can see clearly wwhat you need to get on with, and I'm sure t's motivating too.
Good luck with getting everything ticked off.....

Hazel said...

A great list of wips! Maybe start with the quick and easy things to get the list ticking momentum going- that should spur you into WIP finishing action. But then it's nice to have things on the go too, isn't it? Hazel x

Wendy said...

Oh Kandi, that's not a big list! Seriously, have you seen mine? I think it's got 65 items on it and it keeps growing as I keep unearthing projects I'd forgotten about!! You'll be fine and I look forward to seeing them finished.

Jille said...

There's nothing wrong with a list or two of wip`s. I think most of us crafty people have them. The trouble is that lovely blogs and pinterest just tempt us weak people into starting a new project! Jille xx

MissGinger said...

i love a list too. gosh you have some fabulous projects on the go. i hope you do tick of the blanket at some point and show the results! xx

Liz said...

I've got loads of things that need finishing, but it is much more exciting to start something new! I'm sure you'll get round to finishing a few of them very soon.
Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

Dana said...

Love love love your jar cover, and you just made me giggle as I have literally just added something to my list that I have already completed JUST to cross it off!

qwiksave said...

Another list fan here! There's some lovely projects on your list..maybe the thing to do is to STOP doing that new one and work your way non-stop from the top of your list and work down to the bottom? The trouble is I can be good at bossing others but not so good at taking it myself. I'm also another Pinterest procrastinator... Happy New Year, Nicky

Dinki Dots said...

I love a good list!!!! I do the same thing - add things I've already done that I hadn't put on my list, just so I can cross them off! Why deny yourself that lovely feeling of satisfaction?! Lists are glorious things!
Maria xx

El Perro Blanco said...

I'm looking forward to watching your progress through 2013. You have inspired me to carry out a 'craft audit' too- I love lists!

Katie said...

Bless you Lisa. We're all the same!!! I do love the idea of incorporating your mini garden squares into your bloggers blanket. That could be really special. Let us know what you decide! xxxx

Charlie and Wendy said...

I love everything on your list, gorgeous!!

Country Rabbit said...

hellooo lovely, lovely post x

p.s Im a bit scatter brain this week, i headed into the city to post your parcel and it was still in my bag when i returned home...I will post it weds morn, next day delivery service! x