Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Givaway Win and a Slimming Pudding

Did I mention that I won a lovely giveaway recently, well I did, I won!

This is what I won from Bibbitybob's Giveaway ~ aren't there some lovely bits in there? I have already got the vintage doilies out in the house and the kids snaffled the little chocolates ~ just as well really I have eaten far too much naughty stuff this week. Thanks again honey this was a welcome suprise and made my week.

Beautiful little handmade heart:

CK covered photo frame and little heart:

An assortment if beautiful pre-loved cloths, some of these have already found homes throughout my house:

Didn't I do well it brightened up a dreary week! Thanks again honey x

Now on a different note, I have been cooking lots more since joining slimming world. I know I have to cook most days but spag bol from a jar is not really cooking is it?
I am not a cook as such, I make what I have to and find it a chore, but I have enjoyed making some new Slimming World Recipes recently, here is one I made yesterday:

Slimming World Raspberry Roulade
Ingredients: 4 eggs, few drops if vanilla essence ( I used lemon essence), 4 tbsp sweetner, 1 tub quark (virtually fat free soft cheese), and strawberries or raspberries.

Directions: Seperate the egg whites and whisk until stiff peaks form.

In seperate bowl mix egg yolks, 1/2 tub of Quark, 1/2 the sweetner and Lemon/Vanilla Essence. Give it a good mix.
Gently fold into the egg whites.
Pour the mixture in a lined (important as it will stick) and well oiled (with frylight) tray and bake for 10-15 mins at gas 5 or 190 centigrade.

It comes out like this, it was a strange texture a bit like a sweet omlette and very delicate:

Next you mix the remainder of the quark, sweetner and fruit together and spread it across the cake then roll it into a swiss roll and dust with sweetner. Stick it in the fridge for an hour and you get this:
And it was delicious, I was not expecting it to be; but it was. I ate the lot myself, everyone turned their noses up at it and I didn't encourage them too hard to share it. I hasten to add I did not eat it all in one sitting.
This will only make sense if you follow slimming world or if you have done, but this entire roulade is FREE on all plans. There is a version which is 1/2 syn for the whole thing but that is for 1 tsp baking powder which I leave out and it makes no difference as far as I can tell.

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Unknown said...

Kandi that pudding looks yummy and free on SW even better!
Great goodies in your win!

Alex said...

Oh that looks delumptious! I find the Weight Watchers puddings recipe book really good (not that I'm doing WW but it gives calories values too which is much more helpful for me) - the only problem with so many of these diet puds is that they use Quark and I can't eat the flipping stuff!

What a gorgeous selection of goodies to get through the post as well :)

ps - shamefully I don't know who you meant in your comment! *hangs head* I must be a rubbish film fan!!

Vix said...

Mmmm. yummy prizes and an exceptionally delcious recipe, very professional! xxx

char said...

oh that does look yummy, i may have a look out for this Quark stuff! slimming pud must be good!! :) xx

Amanda Makes said...

Aren't ALL puddings and cakes calorie free Kandi? I'm sure they are y'know! I really think someone told me they are....xxxx

Serenata said...

Congratulations on your win and I must say that roulade looks very yummy.

Clobelle said...

What a lovely prize, congratulations! Love the look of the pud too x

kim said...

Hi Kandi,

It looks like I was not the only lucky lady today, love the little heart and pre-loved linens. That roulade doesn't look half bad for a slimming world recipie, well I definately wouldn't say no!
florrie x

Linda said...

What a lovely win. That roulande looks delicious - I'm sort of doing Slimming World - well I try ;D. You might like to look at this lady has literally tons of SW recipes and they all seem quite easy and the ones I have tried have been lovely. My fave one so far is her recipe for Pasta Chicken Enchilladas and check out her Ultimate Slimmimg World Burger - you'd never think it was diet food! xxx

clare said...

What gorgeous goodies you have won..Congratsxx

And your pudding looks gorgeous hun..well done!
Hugs Clare x

Alexandra said...

That looks so yummy! xx

- said...

Oooh, lucky you!

jane p said...

You're a very lucky lady. I can't seem to win any giveaway. Speaking of slimming, I'm in need of cutting down on the sweet stuff. What you made doesn't look very slimming tho'!

Lucy in the Clouds said...

That cake doesn not look like it would be good for you!

(I don't care how old Alan Benett is - age is but a number!!)


Lucy in the Clouds said...

*does not


Saw those typos as I pressed the button!

Unknown said...

MMMMmmmmmm! The pudding looks deliscious!

Love the frame too!

Disco Goth said...

Ooh, I've been doing slimming world for a few weeks now, my first real blippy 'can't be arsed' day was today, might have to try the pud, thank you!

=) x