Thursday, 6 November 2014

It’s time for a catch up

Well it’s been a while, I have badly neglected this poor old blog of mine.
The last few months have been taken up with the mundane.  We have some family changes afoot which means moving away from Northumberland back to the county of my birth, County Durham.  My house is up for sale so I have spent many an hour and weekend decorating and tidying which hasn't left much time for creating.   I have managed a few makes over the last few months and of course I have been making gifts for Christmas which I can’t share yet. What I can share though are these: 

Another Ray of Light Shawl - pattern by Suzie Johnson

 A beautiful cropped cardigan which is way to snug to model, pattern by  Andi Satterlund

The pebble beach shawlette, pattern by Helen Stewart.

 A hexie knitting bag, I made this up as I went using a pile of hexies I made an age ago.  This bag is huge and great for my WIP's.

 Yet another hexie project a made as I go tissue box cover, who wants to look at a box of old tissues?

 Oh I didn't make this but I did attend Yarndale this year and met up with a bunch of lovely like-minded boys and girls it was a really great day, can't wait for next year.

Another shawl/scarf here - I am beginning to  seeing a pattern!  This is the All at Sea pattern by the lovely Elizabeth 

 Something a bit more seasonal, a couple of crochet pumpkins, well just because.

I have had quite a bit of blog traffic recently looking for my poppy pattern as we are at that time of year again.  
I have made a few this last week for friends and have given a donation to the Royal British Legion.  I have tweaked the pattern a little following feedback and have updated the page here.
 That is us up to date; I’ll not leave it so long next time (insert gratuitous Oskar shot below).
Back Soon