Thursday, 6 November 2014

It’s time for a catch up

Well it’s been a while, I have badly neglected this poor old blog of mine.
The last few months have been taken up with the mundane.  We have some family changes afoot which means moving away from Northumberland back to the county of my birth, County Durham.  My house is up for sale so I have spent many an hour and weekend decorating and tidying which hasn't left much time for creating.   I have managed a few makes over the last few months and of course I have been making gifts for Christmas which I can’t share yet. What I can share though are these: 

Another Ray of Light Shawl - pattern by Suzie Johnson

 A beautiful cropped cardigan which is way to snug to model, pattern by  Andi Satterlund

The pebble beach shawlette, pattern by Helen Stewart.

 A hexie knitting bag, I made this up as I went using a pile of hexies I made an age ago.  This bag is huge and great for my WIP's.

 Yet another hexie project a made as I go tissue box cover, who wants to look at a box of old tissues?

 Oh I didn't make this but I did attend Yarndale this year and met up with a bunch of lovely like-minded boys and girls it was a really great day, can't wait for next year.

Another shawl/scarf here - I am beginning to  seeing a pattern!  This is the All at Sea pattern by the lovely Elizabeth 

 Something a bit more seasonal, a couple of crochet pumpkins, well just because.

I have had quite a bit of blog traffic recently looking for my poppy pattern as we are at that time of year again.  
I have made a few this last week for friends and have given a donation to the Royal British Legion.  I have tweaked the pattern a little following feedback and have updated the page here.
 That is us up to date; I’ll not leave it so long next time (insert gratuitous Oskar shot below).
Back Soon


Jacquie said...

Hi Kandi, lovely to see all you have been making and so sorry to miss you at Yarndale.
I LOVE that patchwork bag and have some Hexies I should used in this way.
I've been using your Poppy pattern today and struggling a little so I'm happy to see you have updated it. I wonder if it should be work 11dc in the first round now? I made ten and it worked fine, but the rest of it seems a lot clearer...thank you.
About the leaf. I was confused how I could make a picot in the second chain from the hook, when I had only chained one? I ended up using a different leaf pattern.
I hope this doesn't sound critical...I really loved your poppy and
I'm writing a post including links at the moment. Hope that's ok.
Thank you for so generously sharing.
Jacquie x

MissGinger said...

It looks like you have been really busy. lovely knits. good luck with the move! xx

Ali said...

Nice to see you posting oooh co. Durham :-) nearly down to my area lol you win t believe this but I am still plodding on with your Gracie cushion cover x

Kezzie said...

SO nice to hear from you Kandi!!! I didn't know you were in Northumberland- that's where my husband is from and we are off there tomorrow night for my Father in Law's 80th! Whereabouts are you? He's in Haltwhistle, Mum in Hexham!x

Josie-Mary said...

Lovely to see all your makes. Hope the move goes well xx

Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

Hi Lisa, blimey, it's been a while. You HAVE been busy. I love that pink shawl in the first picky and the dress/top you're wearing looks lovely too. Good luck with everything. xx

char said...

lovely to see you post again and hope all goes well with the move. I LOVE that pink shawl. x

dosierosie said...

I feel a bit guilty as I haven't visited my blog for a few months but day to day life takes over sometimes doesn't it. Hope the move goes well.

Laura Tyler said...

Wow you have been busy. Your scarves are beautiful - I have yet to venture in to knitting but all of the great knits I keep seeing around I don't think it will be long before I have a go. I love your hexie makes xx

Carol said...

I hadn't spotted you had a blog until today. Mind you my blog reading is about as neglected as my post writing! I blame IG,
Lovely makes. Hope you soon get your move sorted .
Carol aka Dansnan xxx

Christine said...

Lovely shawls and scarves.
I grew up in Durham, beautiful county

Caz said...

Lovely projects :-) good luck with the house move!!

House of Pinheiro said...

really adorable makes xx