Sunday, 30 May 2010

Super easy packages and lavender bags

A few people have commented on the little bags I package my stuff up in ~ the terribly posh greaseproof paper bags! I thought I would give them a little post of their own.

This came about as I had to package some bits up and had no tissue paper in the house (this is my default packaging method, tissue paper then wrapping paper).
I guess necessity is the mother of invention. Hunting through the cupboard for some inspiration I found the greaseproof paper and thought I would give that a go.
It is super easy to cut and sew on the machine and you can add ribbons or a tag with your name on, and as it is a little transparent you can see what you have packaged up.

For some of the recent fabric stuff I have made and given away I have added a little lavender bag inside made up with the greaseproof paper, here is a little pile of them I made up yesterday.

I have just started to sell some of my old (read new with labels on, seemed like a good idea in the shop!) clothes on ebay so I packaged them up with a little lavender bags too.

You could do the same with any paper I guess, I have some nice wallpaper at home that would probably make a lovely package and looks a bit more special if it is sewn shut rather that just stuck with sticky tape. Of course this is only really worth doing if you have the sewing machine out already otherwise it will become a bit of a faff!

One of my favourite bits about these packages is that you sometimes get to see the recipients face wondering how to get into it without ruining the pretty packaging ~ you can’t ~ you have to rip it open and that satisfies my evil streak!

*Insert evil laugh*

Back Soon ♥

Friday, 28 May 2010

Cath Kidston Hearts

As I have still not fulfilled my crazy Union Jack Obsession (I think I may need therapy) I came up with some more (albeit tenuous) Union Jack Cushions using some CK cotton duck in spray flowers.

They started life as this:

The idea was to make a little coin purse but I cut the cloth too small, so it morphed into a little cushion instead.

I found some little buttons to self cover in my stash so I used some of my CK off cuts and made them up.

I’m hoping to recover from this obsession soon if I don’t I will have to open the world’s first: ‘The shabby union jack soft furnishings and makeup bags store’ ~ would you come visit it?

Back Soon ♥

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Have you seen Wysteria Lane

Evening all!
I wasn't planning to blog tonight, I was going to get busy making things, but I had to tell you about this little package that arrived to brighten my day.

Talking to the girlies on MSE (Money Saving Expert) I was strongly advised not to look at this website as I would be too tempted, so obviously I got my credit card ready before I even clicked through to it. I am so pleased I did.

It is such a lovely store selling all the lovely sort of things I want my home to be filled with, I made myself a wishlist of all of the things I would love to have from there, and realised that it was about 80% of the store.

There is no affilliaton by the way, I have only just discovered them but like the good blogger I am, I want to share with you.

Here is just a small sample of their beautiful bits, these are all on my wishlist:

Aren't these the most fab mules - my very favourite!

See what I mean, how pretty are they?

My first order was delivered today, when I opened it I halted proceedings and ran for the camera. This is what arrived:

It was so beautifully packaged with a handwritten note that I had forgotten that I had paid for it, it really felt like a gift.
I bought the After the Rain Traveller Set, it was £12.50, but when you join you get £10 off your first order so cost £2.50 plus postage! Fab or what and it smells divine (It's by Aaran Aromatics).
I am not sure how long this £10 offer is on for but you can find details of it on their homepage.

Right I am off to list more stuff on ebay to raise funds for those mules!!

Be back soon with more fabric makes x

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

First Blog Award

The lovely Nicky at Creative Flourishes nominated me for this award, thank you Nicky!

Here are the rules that came with it:

♥ Thank the person who gave you this award.

♥ Share 7 things about yourself.

♥ Pass the award along to 15 bloggers who you have recently discovered and who you think are fantastic!

♥ Contact the bloggers you've picked and let them know about the award.

So here are 7 facts about me:

1. I am 36 and have been married twice. First time aged 21 at Gretna Green in Scotland and Second (and last) time aged 29 at Langley Castle, Hexham, Northumberland (I am just posting a photo of me as hubbie is blog shy).

2. Up until 2 years ago I was virtually deaf. Since then I have had two stapedectomy operations and can now hear almost normally.

3. I work in Civil Engineering as a Quantity Surveyor and I currently work with my Husband and Best Friend.

4. I love chocolate, any kind of chocolate, if it is coated in chocolate I will eat it. Except dark chocolate which I find to be disgusting. I am currently loving Galaxy Counters (I remember these from the first time round in the 1980’s).

5. I am a qualified Reflexologist.

6. I spent some of my childhood with my uncle and cousins travelling to Appleby Horse Fair in Cumbria in a living wagon.

My brother and I in 1982!

7. I have an irrational fear of Moths and Frogs!

(That's the closest I will come to posting a picture of a frog ~ YUUUUKKKKK).

I will pass this on soon I promise, it’s just difficult to choose who to send it to as I love all the blogs I follow, and I am a bit unsure about how people feel about these awards, I guess they can just ignore them but I feel duty bound to pass them on ~ arghhh my head hurts now!

Back Soon ♥

Sunday, 23 May 2010

Strawberry Data Store

I decided last week to buy an external hard drive to backup all my photos and information. I worry about losing my memory sticks as my entire life is on there, kids photos, financial info, old uni stuff and work stuff. So I was advised to get this 250g Seagate portable drive ( ) if you are interested it was only £27 in store (which I was really pleased with so I bought my hubbie one too!).

So down to the crafty bit, it needs a case and I just can’t bring myself to buy something that I can make myself so this was what I came up with:, its quite a bit more girly than the ones you can buy:
I added iron in interfacing and lined the bag with snuggly fleece to protect the data store. I had to take the zip around the bag to make it easier to get the unit in and out:
I added a little zip pull that I made from a millefiori bead I think it kind of looks like a strawberry!

The only zip that I had in my stash that was long enough was a red one so the fabric was chosen based on that, I cut out some felt strawberries and attached little beads for the pips.

It reminds me of summer, strawberries and cream, wimbledon and pimms!

Back Soon ♥

Saturday, 22 May 2010

Victoria Plum's Giveaway Win

Yesterday I had to take the day off work as my little one had a tummy bug and was looking a little green around the gills. We woke up to a beautiful sunny day and I tempted the poorly pup onto the lawn for some breakfast.
Not long after breakfast the postie came to visit with a huge ebay package that had split open and was full of stuff that didn’t fit me! That was a real disappointment but then I realised I had another little package. A few weeks ago I entered Victoria Plum’s 200th Post Giveaway and I won!
I was delighted as this was my first ever entry into a giveaway as I was brand new to blogging. Look what I got:
Beautiful! I am dying to open it and get it used but just want to look at it for a while yet, perhaps I should buy another one to actually use…

Thanks again Olivia xx

Back Soon ♥

Friday, 21 May 2010

Where I Sew

Although not particularly pokey my little house does not have any room to spare with 6 people and a cat living in it! My dream is to have enough room to have my own area to sit and sew in and to be able to spread out. I would love you to think that I sit and make stuff in a beautiful little room with antique lace at the window and shabby cushions strewn about with rolls of fabric all lined up and a little bird on the open window sill....... however the reality is rather far from that. As it stands I currently sew on the kitchen table, which is a bit of a pain for several reasons;
I have to clean the table before I use it each time (to keep fabrics clean),
I have to clean the kitchen floor daily for the same reason (it’s lino),
I have to time my sewing so that I don’t hit mealtimes,
If a mealtime is creeping up I have to put everything away and take all fabrics upstairs (so that they don’t get any cooking smells on them)…,
…. and afterwards, I have to clean the table again and get it all back out again,
The ironing board is always up and the iron on when I am sewing and when kids come pouring into the kitchen looking for snacks (which is often) I am always paranoid that they will touch the iron, so I tend to flap a bit each time they come in,
I tend not to tackle any large makes as everything has to be packed away regularly.

I guess that most people work like this, and it is not exactly a hardship but a girl can dream. I have a picture in my head of my ideal room but can't find a picture to match it, however in this months Ideal Homes Magazine there was a sewing room which is quite sweet….

(source: Ideal Homes Magazine June 2010)

Instead of this corner of my kitchen :( ...

The majority of my fabric and bits and bobs are stored away up in my bedroom and in the other rooms wherever I can find a spot; here is some of it:
Not very sexy plastic drawers!!
Stuff I have made that I plan to give away or perhaps sell eventually, all professionally wrapped in sandwich bags (?!?):


My top drawer containing stuff I am currently working on, this travels about the house with me.

When the day comes that I do have space for a sewing room, if my husband does not commandeer it for a computer room, I guess it will be with mixed emotions. Other than winning the lottery and buying a huge 7 bed house (which is completely unrealistic as I don't play the lottery!) a spare room will mean that kids have left home and I just can’t contemplate that, so I guess I should count my blessings.

Back Soon ♥

Thursday, 20 May 2010

Shabby Union Jack Coin Purses

I think I have become obsessed. I have a thing for union jack stuff at the minute.

I recently made some union jack makeup bags with fabric that started life as a pillowcase. Following this I made some union jack coin purses with some denim that started life as a skirt. Well this week I noticed one of my husband’s work shirts was looking a little frayed at the neck so I confiscated it, cut all the buttons off and used the light blue fabric to make some pastel union jack coin purses.

Amanda ~ recognise the spotty ribbon you kindly sent me?

After making these I made a little lavender heart to match because... well just because.

p.s. thanks for all the kind words regarding my Mum, I brought her home from hospital on Wednesday and she is healing really well and is looking much brighter already.

Back Soon ♥

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Remember Yo-Yo’s?

Remember me getting carried away a couple of weeks ago and making a mountain of yo-yo’s? Well I have used a couple of them on a phone cover and I did sew a few together to make a brooch, and then I went a bit mad and attached lots of them together and attached a length of chain to each end and ended up with a Yo-Yo Necklace.

To be honest it’s not something I could wear, apart from anything it is not suitable for women with big boobs it kind of just sits there like a bib (I pulled it up as high as I could and stretched my neck up like a goose to take the photograph below)!

I think they are quite sweet and would look good against a plain high neck tee shirt, just not if it is filled out with big boobs.

Perhaps this will be unpicked and stitched to the front of a bag of some sort in the near future, watch this space.

Back Soon ♥