Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Russian Doll ~ Matryoshkas

Following my Russian Doll find last week at the Bank Holiday car boot sale it got me thinking. Recently I have seen some lovely Russian Doll type fabric and accessories about and thought I would have a go myself.
This was the result:
I drew her shape out freehand with a fabric marker (which will disappear, so please ignore the purple pen marks), with a little help from a couple of buttons for her head and face shapes, and kind of made the rest up as I went along.
A little felt and fabric matryoshka key ring (or bag charm).

I really enjoyed making this little lady and I have already started making more of these. They are very easy to do and it is all hand sewn so (as no sewing machine is required) if you have a stinking headache (like I did at the time) this quiet sewing project is the thing to do (if anyone is interested I will do a little tutorial).
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Vintage Vixen said...

I love it!!!
I'd love a tutorial, pretty please!
You can't beat a bit of hand-sewing, a cheeky glass of rose and some diverting television sometimes can you?

dizzytina said...

Love the keyring kandi would also love a tutorial x x

qwiksave said...

Another clever make Kandi. Especially as it was your own make. Maybe one day I'll pick up a needle instead of a pen! lol


Kandi said...

Thanks lovely ladies! I really loved making this so I will definately do a tutorial when I do the rest.
And Nicky - I bet you are better at sewing than I am at drawing ~ :)
Kandi x

Vintage Amethyst said...

Aaahh this is just adorable!

VintageVicki said...

Very gorgeous :)

BTW does your offer of a spare CK summer catalogue still stand? I've 2 people who'd like one - I'll send to Sarah in NZ if you could send to someone in the UK? Let me know via my blog or the email link in my profile - thankyou eversomuch - Vicki xx

PinkLady said...

Found your blog through MSE and I'm loving all your makes.

This keyring is so cute and I have a friend who loves Russian Dolls so I'd love to see a tute!


Angie said...

These are fab - I tried to make one the other day but failed miserably. I tried with all felt but the fabric mixed with felt looks much nicer. A tutorial would be great.

WoodbankCrafts said...

That looks fab, look forward to a tutorial x

Pink Poppy said...

This is fab Kandi. I`d love a tutorial too.

Poppy x

Handmade by Nicola said...

Thanks Kandi, I love these. I might try and get some more felt and have a go. Thanks for sharing.xx