Saturday, 15 May 2010

Swaps, and Hospitals...

Well, what an emotional weekend so far! My lovely Mum was admitted to hopsital this morning for an operation to replace her knee. I have barely slept for thinking about her and could not settle at all today until I could get to her bedside. It is such a relief that it is over but the worst is yet to come pain wise, bless her. This morning, to occupy myself I have had the sewing machine out and altered my CK bag that I made from the CK Sew Book, I will blog about that soon (photos are in camera, camera in car, car in garage - etc.).

Anyhoo, on a lighter note, I took part in Crafty Helen @ Homes Fabric swap, my first ever blog swap and it was quite exciting (well, in my little world it was). I was allocated Vanilla from Sew.Vanilla as my swap partner. Well I got in touch with her and we had a little email chat bout the kind of things we like and hate – she loves red and hates shabby chic, flowery, lacy type stuff. I am the polar opposite, I love vintage, lacy flowery stuff – my remit was anything you think your granny would love – send that!

I found it quite daunting trying to choose bits that someone I don’t know would like, but I guess that is part of the charm of a swap.

Now that she has her parcel and I have mine I can show you the picture this is what I sent:

And, this is what I received in return:

Isn’t it great! Just up my street. Many thanks Anilla x

And of course many thanks to Helen for organising this swap.

Back Soon


Vintage Vixen said...

Lots of love to your Mum, Kandi!
I had a hip replacement four years ago and know first hand how hard the recovery process is but I'm a new woman now and she'll be the same.
What a lovely parcel, so pretty.

VintageVicki said...

Hope your Mum is up & about again very soon. I've a friend who had that done & its given her a new lease of life :)

Thankyou for sending the catalogue to MadaboutBags - I know she got it today :)

Vicki xxx

Sarah said...


Hope everything goes well with your mum's recovery.

My uncle had his knee replaced on Thurs, think things are ok.

My grandad had a knee replacement a few years ago. Just before they gave him the general anaesthetic they told him he'd love his new hip when he woke up! When he said it was a new knee he was after, they thought he was just muddled as he was 90. He had to make them go and get my mum to confirm that it was actually a knee and not a hip he was booked in for! Scary how close they came to getting it wrong!xx

Anonymous said...

So pleased that your first swap went well. My love to your Mum.xx

giddynici said...

Sending warm wishes and hoping for a smooth recovery for you mum.

What lovely teasures in the swap both ways. x

Alex said...

Oh I'm glad that she came through the op well. Hope the rehab is as smooth as possible and she's zooming around soon!

The swap parcels look gorgeous, such lovely stuff.

Crafting in the beach hut said...

Send your mum a speedy recovery - sewing always provides good escapism. Look forward to seeing pics of your bag (and your swap goodies are fab! Mine are ready to send once I package them up...) xox

Kandi said...

Thanks so much for the kind wishes, we are hoping this will change her life as she has been almost housebound for years now and is far too young and lively to be living like that!
Kandi xx

Becca. said...

hope your mum feels better soon!
and gorgeous fabric!


daisychain said...

Sending much love and healing vibes to your Mum.

And aw, what a lovely swap parcel!