Friday, 28 May 2010

Cath Kidston Hearts

As I have still not fulfilled my crazy Union Jack Obsession (I think I may need therapy) I came up with some more (albeit tenuous) Union Jack Cushions using some CK cotton duck in spray flowers.

They started life as this:

The idea was to make a little coin purse but I cut the cloth too small, so it morphed into a little cushion instead.

I found some little buttons to self cover in my stash so I used some of my CK off cuts and made them up.

I’m hoping to recover from this obsession soon if I don’t I will have to open the world’s first: ‘The shabby union jack soft furnishings and makeup bags store’ ~ would you come visit it?

Back Soon ♥


Ceeyra Catastrophe said...

Haha, they're adorable, and i would totaly visit it!
You inspired me to make a little union jack coin purse for my friend, I will post pictures soon (With apropriete thankyou's ofcourse)

qwiksave said...

They are not tedious! I think they would go really well in a shop, in fact I've seen similar ones in 'designer' home shops. The time is NOW though, they are a very up-to-the-minute trend. Good luck if you do go that route! x

Vintage Vixen said...

I'd be first in the queue, Kandi!
I love all things Union Jack and your creations are truly gorgeous!

dizzytina said...

As always Kandi they are gorgeous i'd be there!!. Your hearts always look equal where as mine never quite look equal on both edges x x

Lily_Loves... said...

Oh kandi they are so cute! People should always be patriotic, but lets face it the union jack can look abit garish sometimes. whereas these colours are just so cute and girly!

Amanda said...

Of course we would! Love, Amanda xxx

Sarah said...

Thank you for visiting my blog. Loving your Cath hearts xx

Disco Goth said...

They are so pretty!


witchwoopiggy said...

they are lovely and would i come vist oh yes lol
witchwoopiggy x

hartfelt said...

I just love these Kandi, they are so pretty :)