Friday, 24 January 2014

I cant throw pretty stuff out

I put my new Mollie Makes calendar up in my crafty cupboard at the start of the month and I couldn't bear to part with the old one.  Pages and pages of pretty stuff, just too good to chuck.
 Using a little envelope template (google it or make one yourself) I cut out each of the 12 pages drawing around my simple template on the back.
 Oskar was helping, but he got bored and napped instead.
 Folded them over and with a smidgen of pritt stick I had 12 adorable mini envelopes. 

 I use mini envelopes to keep my re-used paper hexagons in when paper piecing.
 The back page was calling me too, still too pretty to chuck but too thick to make into envelopes.
 I found some little key ring blanks in my cross stitch stash and make a new keyring for the back door key.

 Had I had enough I could have made dozens, but in the meantime I will hoard these away, too pretty to chuck.

back soon