Saturday, 1 June 2013

Well Hello There

Once again it's been a while.

With the changing of the season from Winter to Spring I have been busy making changes.  My youngest boys are now 14 and have very little interest in our garden so this year we have decided to take the garden back and make it nice.  
All of these years there was no point with four boys playing out there but as they have no interest in the outdoors we chucked the trampoline and took back the back 1/3 of the garden.
I must admit most of this is down to the hard work of my husband, he has planted it up with potatoes, onions, cabbage, broccoil, lettuces, pumpkins, rapspberries etc and we have been repairing hedges, adding new shed and gates and now it is somewhere I want to spend time.  

This has involved a bit of crafting too, hubbie spotted this in one of my magazines and asked me to make one, if you have ever had a wasps nest in your home or outbuildings you will know it's not much fun.
This is supposed to deter wasps, as they are very territorial and will not come within a certain radius of another nest.  

Behold the waspinator!

As part of the garden tidy I wanted an insect hotel, I love bees with a passion and want to do what I can to invite them into my garden. 
Hubbie once again came up trumps and made me this, a bee/insect hotel! The irony of an item on one side of the shed to keep insects away and another on the other side to invite them in is not lost on me!

This year my Hubbie decided we should get some chickens, and I can't say I was terribly enthusiastic but...
 Here they are, Henley and Billie our two girls.
 They just love corn it's like chocolate cake for hens!
... I love them, they are the funniest little things and I just love to sit and watch them bobbing about.  They are so friendly and inquisitive and so easy to look after.  A wonderful bonus is that there are two fresh eggs waiting for us each day!

The need arose for a sturdy bad to hold their grit and corn so I got the oilcloth out and ran two little bags up.  Every room in my home now has at least one handmade item in it, including the shed!

I have been pottering on with my crochet in the meantime and am making good progress on my first ever knitted jumper. 

 I have frogged this back so many times I've lost count!!!

 I hope to be back soon to show you a completed garment.