Thursday, 13 September 2012

Baby Makes

My lovely friend brought a beautiful baby girl into the world last Friday.  Beautiful baby Sophie was so eagerly awaited and is such a blessing.
This little treasure gave me the opportunity to make a few little handmade items, no better excuse to make is there?  Sophie's nursery has a jungle theme so I made this little patchwork blanket for her to squiggle about on.

It is backed with the softest minky fleece and labelled with a dresden plate tag.

The minky was great for another baby project, this little minky rabbit made using a great little pattern from Mandy Shaw.

There were also knitting and crochet makes and a larger longer sewn project which is awaiting finishing touches, but what a pleasure it is to make for such a treasure.

I will add these into my monthly makes for September.  

The Flickr group is filling up nicely and our lovely host is doing a great job so far.

Right back to the decorating *sigh*...

Back Soon

Monday, 10 September 2012

A Busy Time Ahead ...

Well, almost a year ago now I decided that I need to put down the crochet hook / step away from the sewing machine and spend some time getting my house in order.

My home is in desperate need of decoration in many of the rooms, husband disagrees of course, but that's because he is a man and is not capable of seeing muck!

I have been making for gifts for friends and for my friend's baby who was born earlier this week *squeeee*, but now I am at the stage where I can concentrate on the house.

I am still planning to make a pretty crafty home this year (and probably every year), so there may be a little radio silence this end whilst I get up to my elbows in tile grout and paint!  If and when I have anything to show I will be sure to share it here.
My first priority is a new bathroom, our old bathroom is just about finished with so many bits that are not working, leaking or banging that for sanity's sake it needs a re-do!  I have a wonderful hubby who gives me free reign on all things decoration and house style, he totally does not get my style at all and thinks I am stuck in a timewarp, but at least I get my way.

I did show him the style of tiles and shower I fancy for the new bathroom, here they are:

he said, "Oh terrific, I see you are going for the Lunatic Asylum look!".

Yes, yes I am ...

Back Soon.

p.s. I was featured on cut out and keep a few days ago with my little hexie cushion tutorial.
There are ooodles of great tutorials on there if you are in need of inspiration, pop over and have a little look.

Monday, 3 September 2012

Before I Peg It...

I had a little rotting peg bag incident a few weeks ago.  My beloved left my handmade peg bag out in the rain over a weekend and by Monday my wooden dolly pegs had rotted and my poor bag was all mouldy.

I grabbed a couple of meters of this beautiful fabric at Festival of Quilts and set to and made myself a brand new peg bag.

The pattern was from this lovely book by Dandelion Designs Mandy Shaw.  

Although my old peg bag was beyond help I did manage to salvage the little wooden coat hanger from the last peg bag it scrubbed up quite well.
The intention was to use a green spotty contrasting fabric for the inside but in my haste to put it all together I cocked it up!  I didn't have the energy or the inclination to unpick it all so I left it as it was, I do still love it, and not a raw seam in sight.

I think I will get in early and enter this as my September monthly make
 if you are playing too pop over to the group and join in HERE.

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