Wednesday, 30 May 2012


I have been pottering in terms of making things.  I don't have any big makes in the pipeline I seem to be flitting between crochet and cross stitch.  I was a bit relieved to be asked to make a bracelet for a friend recently, it was a nice change to get the beading stuff out again.

I made a couple of tigertail glass beaded bracelets and I was quite pleased with them both.  

Now they are with the recipients I am able to show them here.
Another little make was this pink cross stitch on pink evenweave.
I bought this frame from Laura Ashley in the new year sale last year and it has sat there for over a year just waiting!  

Shocking really, it only took a couple of hours to make this up, why do I put stuff off for so long, do you do that too?

I will have to get my make on for June as I am Miss June for the Monthly Make over at Annie the Felt Fairy's place. I feel like I should wear a sash and a tiara (I just might)!

Pop over and play, I will give regular updates on all the wonderful makes as the month progresses. You can find the flickr group here.

Back Soon x

Friday, 25 May 2012

May Monthly Make

I did it, finally after a couple of years wanting I made myself a Tilda angel.

When I saw the little fat angel I fell in love with it, I think I saw myself in there ;0)

Anyhoo, here she is, a little less scary now she has hair and a bit of a face.  The kids are still terrified of her and named her Scary Mary, bless her.


and after:

An under the dress shot, I made her a navel...

 and I tattooed her bum...

she proudly watches over my crafty bits in my cupboard.

Scary Mary will be my Monthly Make for May.

Back Soon x

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Free Motion Quilting

I have been practising my free motion quilting and I am coming far short of the mark! Hours have been spent drawing my patterns out on paper, but I'm just not good at it.

I call my efforts 'scribbling on fabric with a sewing machine'. 

The 'creation' took me hours with the hexies and the scribbling so I decided to turn it into something I could use, a new case for my kindle. 

If nothing else it will be constant reminder that I need to stop reading and practice Free Motion Quilting instead!

I missed the last local free motion quilting workshop as I was quite poorly but there is another coming up next month and I have my name down for that, hopefully I will get there god knows I need it!

Back Soon x

Friday, 18 May 2012

Tilda Love

The new Tilda book is out.  

I popped into the Fat Quarters shop at lunchtime today (which was a little treasure trove!) for a couple of fat quarters and came away with this too.

I'm having a bit of a Tilda thing at the minute, I keep pouring over her books and as I am yet to make a Tilda angel, that is on my 'things to do in the near future' list.

Gorgeous modern girlies in their trouser suits and denim jackets.

How sweet would she look in my little sewing hobbit hole?

Cute or what, little Tilda Bugs!

I know some folk find them spooky as they have no face to speak of.  Hubbie has warned me that I am not to put one in our bedroom as they creep him out... he mostly has his eyes closed in the bedroom anyway so he'll never notice ;0)

I bought a few pretty little bits of Tilda and I'm planning to make a start soon on my own little angel.  I like this girl, from the Sew Sunny Homestyle book, she is a short angel and she is more my shape!

Who knows though I will be sure to show what transpires in all it's cute/spooky glory!  

What do you think, cute or spooky?

Back Soon x

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Seaside Make

I wanted to pop in today to share this little re-vamp.  A friend at work kindly gave this to me, it's a mobile phone holder for my desk. 
I love it, I love anything seaside related and a mini deckchair just about made my day.

I whisked it home and gave it a little makeover with a new fabric seat and a little bow and button embellishment.

It looks right pretty on my crafty shelves in my hobbit hole and now I have a place to stash my phone.  I am a big fan of audiobooks and I can while away many hours sewing, engrossed in my stories.

My phone usually lives in my bra, I shove it in there all the time as most of my clothes are without pockets and I like to keep it close to hand.  Now when I am in my cupboard my phone gets it's own special place not suffocated by my bosom!

Keeping with the seaside theme, I bought myself a little treat this week 'Wish You Were Here' handbag, all sea sidey and summery!  

We just need some sun now, COME ON SUN!

Back soon x

Thursday, 10 May 2012

My little crafty hobbit hole

Well, it's done!  I've made myself a little crafty hobbit hole under the stairs.
It's a tiny little space, but it's all mine and it enables me to close the door on my clutter!

All of my crafty junk has been relocated to the cupboard and now my lounge looks so much more tidy.

As crazy movie fans we still have a gazillion DVD's but I plan to tackle that problem some other time.
(are you afraid of my monkey lamp, don't worry I am too, in fact it was a wedding present and when I first opened the box I screamed!)

The crafty hobbit hole all started with this little table, just the perfect size for my sewing machine, I found this a couple of weeks ago at my local junk shop,

The tray cloth belonged to my husband's great grandmother.  

I should really start with a before photo, 
and after,
Come into my crafty cupboard (said the spider to the fly)...
My sewing space, this seat is crying out for a handmade seat pad,
 My treasures all to hand,
My most favourite craft books and magazines, my buttons and bits,
 Making use of every little bit of space,
Lots and lots of little boxes all filled with fabric, felt, wool, cottons and all things lovely,
 My favourite cottons close to hand,
 Quilting gloves and hoops,
My favourite aruifil cottons on a gorgeous little rack which was a gift from my friend Judith,
Did you spot my new door hook, he's adorable!  He is a Ben de Lisi creation, it was a toss up between him and a rhino!

I'm afraid I can't really give you a panoramic view of my little hobbit hole as it really is very small but it makes me happy.  In a busy terraced house with 4 boys I am happy to have this little place all for myself. The main benefit is that I no longer have to work around mealtimes whilst sewing at the kitchen table.

Now that my crap is all out of the way I have no excuse but to crack on with the decorating, but first I'll just give my sewing machine a little try out in it's new home ...

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Great Minds Think Alike...

I have been busy this week pottering on with my new crafty cupboard.  It's almost there, decorated and full of shelves and stuff.  I have crammed the tiny space with my crafty bits and pretties.

You wouldn't  believe it but I have spent hours and hours this week just making this little UJ heart. The lovely frame was a birthday gift last year from a lovely friend and I have only just got round to making something to fit in the heart space.

 In a funny coincidence another friend hundreds of miles away was busy making me a gift for my crafty space on a very similar theme.  I just love this Jan Constantine inspired lavender heart.

I have found the perfect table to fit in my crafty space, I was on the lookout for a junk table to fix up but came across this one, all done in a local junk shop and it was just what I needed.  This little table determines the rest of the layout of my tiny space.  I will show all very soon.

 On a totally unrelated note have you seen the new magnetic effect Nails Inc. Polish. It's fab, you paint it on and quickly hold the magnetic lid over the top and the metal particles rise to the top in patterns determined by the magnet in the lid.
 It looks like some effort went into it when infact it didn't and I like that!

No affiliation at all just wanted to share :0)

Back Soon.