Wednesday, 22 June 2011

~ ♥ Fabric Swap Partners ♥ ~

Wowzer!  Thanks everyone what a fabulous response to the swap! There are loads of us, we should keep the Royal Mail on their toes for a while (swines).

I have paired you all up below, there are some non bloggers playing this time so I have added their email addresses to the link rather than their blog.

I don't know who has swapped with who before so I just went for it!

Here we go:

Nicola Harbottle & Sew Special Bears (Nic on holiday until 25th June)
Judith Byrne & LaaLaa

One of you Mrs T; joined in but you don't have a blog or email address so I wasn't able to pair you up or contact you.  If you still want to join please let me have a contact email address and I'll pair with you.

Please contact your partner and have a little chat/email/text/tweet about your likes and dislikes and ideas of what to send each other, then let the fun begin.

I've not set a strict timescale, you can arrange that between you and your partner.  If you don't hear back from your partner after a few days please let me know and I'll send out reminders and re-pair you if necessary. If there is a problem with the links please also let me know.

I feel I must point out that my bit is just matching you up and creating a base for us all to swap.  The details and what you send is up to you all, please don't be mad at me if someone lets you down; please do let me know though and I will try to help where I can.

nb. thanks again Judith for the idea of doing a fabric swap x


~ ♥ Back Soon ♥ ~

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Little Fabric Scraps

Afternoon all.  I'm starting to get a little excited about the upcoming fabric swap ~ many thanks to you who have already entered together we will make little packages of happiness to send to each other's doors. 
If you are still thinking of entering you have still got time, I'll leave it open until Wednesday and I'll pair us all up then, just sign up here

My recent makes have been a bit sporadic.  The hexie kits I popped in my Folksy shop have been going well,  there are lots of creative ladies out there who want to get into, or back into making little hexies. 

I've been making more hexies for my own stash too, I have a 'mainly pinks' idea for a cushion for my girly bedroom ~ don't tell the hubby!  I love being surrounded by little fabric scraps.

I finally got a new blade for my rotary cutter so I was trimming and cutting like mad on Saturday, so much so that my wrist is hurting like mad today.

I've made some larger squares 10cm x 10cm these will fit the larger hexies I have but I will more than likely make them into a patchwork cushion.

I've been making more candles and melts.  I had my first major fail with a batch of tea lights this week, I added too much scent and they were just not right.  They smell amazing but burn up really fast, I'll have to keep these ones for myself ;0) 

I did manage not to botch up the Bubblegum Melts I made, so they made it into my shop.

On a totally different tack, I make myself a 'Sewing Necklace' ~ I've had these charms for ages and thought I would make use of them, quite sweet and 'Sew' me.
Told you my makes were sporadic...

In other news, I've got lots of 'Family Issues' going on at the minute, so I'm a little pre-occupied. 
My blogging has been much less frequent as has my commenting. 
To be fair the commenting is not easy with blogger playing up at the minute but I mainly use my iPhone to read all of your blogs and leaving comments is not always possible on there, depending on Blogger's mood.  I do read each and every post though and I will be back to commenting and posting more often as soon as things settle down.

Love you all lots, and get your thinking caps ready for the swap x

p.s. Can't let today go by without sending a 'Happy Fathers Day' to all the wonderful Fathers out there, especially my wonderful husband, the best Dad and Step Dad any kid could wish for xXx
~ ♥ Back Soon ♥ ~

Thursday, 16 June 2011

~ ♥ NOW CLOSED Kandi’s Little Happiness Fabric Swap ♥ ~


Well ladies how about spreading a little happiness? There is quite a bit of gloom about in blogland (and indeed real life land) at the moment, including from me and to give us a little something to look forward to do you fancy a little fabric swap?
  ~ ♥ ~

(feel free to grab the button and spread the word)

I know there are a few swaps on the go at the moment, but I wanted to keep this one quite simple.

I will pair you all up and we contact each other to get an idea of likes/dislikes, wants/hates and then we have a bit of fun putting it together and then sit back and wait to receive loveliness in the post.

~ ♥ ~

Swap could include:

• 4 or 5 fat quarters ~ new or pre-loved fabrics

• A small packet of scraps/oddments ~ fabric or felt or odd buttons or ribbon etc ~ we have all got them

• A little something handmade by you ~ could be sewn, knitted, beaded, papercraft anything really

• That’s it! Simple?

~ ♥ ~

It’s supposed to be a bit of fun so don’t stress if you can’t partake, and please only sign up if you can join in.

If you are interested please leave a comment below.
I know I have blog readers that don’t have blogs, (yes I’m talking about you Nicola and Judith) if you don’t have a blog you can still join in the fun please leave a comment here and leave a valid email address.

I’ll pair you all up next week (Wednesday 22nd) then we can get cracking. I won’t set a strict deadline for posting stuff out you can decide that between yourselves, we are all big girls now ~ especially so in my case ;0)

nb. Inspiration for this swap came from Judith who taunts me daily with beautiful fabrics to buy and has my poor credit card cowering in fear ~ thanks ;0)
~ ♥ Back Soon ♥ ~

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Little Felty Makes

This weekend I had planned to get cracking making some cushions but I got distracted with felt.  I seem to have a little tattoo thing going on at the moment and found myself making these brooches:

They are sweet, I'm thinking of making  Kandi Tattoo one for my coat.

I moved on from tattoos to pastel pinks with delicate cupcake fabric and a lovely egyptian paisley pattern fabric, 

then back to good old blighty with a couple of union jacks!

I do love to sit and mess on with felt it's relatively easy to work with and it's noiseless, so I can sit and sew whilst catching up with my soaps.

That was yesterday, this morning I have spend a wonderful couple of hours with my bestest friend at Tynemouth Railway Station and have picked up some fantastic handmande goodies.  Many are earmarked for gifts so I can't really show you them but I can show you these peonies I bought myself,

I adore peonies they are so feminine and look so delicate.
If you are within easy reach of the North East you really must visit Tynemouth Station Market; every weekend it's brimming with all the sort of things us bloggers love, I tried to get a couple of photos but there were so many people there I gave in!

I do love the North East and would like to give a little mention to another handmade local lass, lovely Laura who is the Vintage Princess behind the lovely Vintage Princess Jewellery in Durham City. She is currently selling bracelets with all the profits going to the Samaritans, pop over and have a little look she has some delightful little creations in her shop.

Oh before I forget our Lynda at Hookin' with Laa Laa has just organised a new swap, pop over and have a look and get signed up, I'm looking forward to it ~ button is in my sidebar.

Well off to tackle the ironing ~ oh the joy!

~ ♥ Back Soon ♥ ~

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Moo Cards and Cups

First up can I share this delightful gift, my friend Beki from The Ramblings of an Everyday Mummy sent me a lovely package this week with the most incredible vintage teacups in there, they truly are delightful and will take pride of place!  

In addition to these delights was the most amazing lush bath fizz, which LaaLaa recognised immediately from it's photo, she's a Lush Lush!
This arrived at just the right time and I enjoyed the best bath I've had in ages ~ thanks again lovely lady!

In other news, my little business cards arrived!  Yay!

They are delightfully sweet and came from Moo Cards.
I ordered some normal sized ones with rounded edges and some mini cards, Moo Cards sent me some 15% off individual codes, if anyone is wanting a discount for your first Moo Cards order drop me a line and I'll give you the code. All codes have now gone x

This left me with a little make ~ a business card holder for my handbag.  I dont want to lug a great walloping box of cards everywhere so I set to with my trusty notebook and made one.

I decided oilcloth would be best as it's hardwearing, then I remembered it's a bugger to sew and I wished I hadn't started.

It was ok, but I thought I could do better so I made another out of fabric and added a little elastic and button closure to this one. 

Pimped with Annie's labels.

This was mega simple to make I kind of made it up as I went.  I love the tattoo fabric, I have a thing for tattoos. I've got three ~ hidden away on my back and arm, I would have more but my hubbie hates them with a passion, one day I will get mine altered and pimped, does Cath Kidston do tattoo's?

Have you got one, or do you want one?

~ ♥ Back Soon ♥ ~

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Candles, blindness and pimps...

I've been pottering with the wax again this weekend.  I got some new scents to try out so made some candles, melts and tarts with Freesia, Clean Cotton and Carribean Coconut ~ yum!  

I have had a few enquiries about the bubblegum scented stuff, due to the fact that I spilled my precious scent all over the kitchen I will have to invest in some more soon, and will pop some more tea lights and bits in the shop.

I found a lovely wild rose tea set last week and I fell for the sugar bowl.
I have made myself a candle with this and it's currently in pride of place on my coffee table ~ carribean coconut mmmmm.

I also had a fight with a roman blind this weekend. I bought the fabric last year, started it over Easter, made an arse of it and fixed it this weekend.

Before           and               After 
If that wasn't enought stress I had to make another one.  They are not terribly impressive but boy were they a pain to do ~ lots of swearing happened!

Another quick make was this t-shirt mini makeover; I got the idea from Mum of All Trades  last week and shamelessley copied it!

'Mam's pimped her top', Thomas announced :0)

~ ♥ Back Soon ♥ ~

Sunday, 5 June 2011

~ ♥Giveaway Winner ♥ ~

Thanks again everyone for joining in my little giveaway, I was blown away by all of the entries.  I scribbled your names all down and added to you to my little pink bowl again.

My beautiful assistant Thomas picked out the following three;

~ drum roll please.....

Gift No 1. Winner ~CupcakeJoJo

No.1. Housey Gift includes
Food Glorious Food Placemats (4)
Cuppa Tea Brewed in Britain Coasters (4)
Shabby Tealight Holder Cage
Handmade by me Soy Wax Tea Lights Bubblegum scent (4)

Gift No 2. Winner ~BETHANY Sweet Bee Buzzings

No 2. Stitchy Gift includes:
First Issue of Mollie Makes (for those of you that couldn't find one) brand new with the felt kit
Three ribbons in red, pink and blue
A bag of Romance/Love Buttons

Gift No 3. Winner ~Bee Happy

No 3. Wooly Gift Includes:
6 big fat soft balls of 4ply and DK yarn
1 Pair of 4mm bamboo knitting needles
Rowan Bigger picture pattern book, with 26 different patterns for clothing, hats, scarves and mittens

I promise the Bee thing is a conincidence!
Please email me your addresses and I will send some goodies your way!

Thanks for entering everyone x
~ ♥ Back Soon ♥ ~