Thursday, 9 June 2011

Moo Cards and Cups

First up can I share this delightful gift, my friend Beki from The Ramblings of an Everyday Mummy sent me a lovely package this week with the most incredible vintage teacups in there, they truly are delightful and will take pride of place!  

In addition to these delights was the most amazing lush bath fizz, which LaaLaa recognised immediately from it's photo, she's a Lush Lush!
This arrived at just the right time and I enjoyed the best bath I've had in ages ~ thanks again lovely lady!

In other news, my little business cards arrived!  Yay!

They are delightfully sweet and came from Moo Cards.
I ordered some normal sized ones with rounded edges and some mini cards, Moo Cards sent me some 15% off individual codes, if anyone is wanting a discount for your first Moo Cards order drop me a line and I'll give you the code. All codes have now gone x

This left me with a little make ~ a business card holder for my handbag.  I dont want to lug a great walloping box of cards everywhere so I set to with my trusty notebook and made one.

I decided oilcloth would be best as it's hardwearing, then I remembered it's a bugger to sew and I wished I hadn't started.

It was ok, but I thought I could do better so I made another out of fabric and added a little elastic and button closure to this one. 

Pimped with Annie's labels.

This was mega simple to make I kind of made it up as I went.  I love the tattoo fabric, I have a thing for tattoos. I've got three ~ hidden away on my back and arm, I would have more but my hubbie hates them with a passion, one day I will get mine altered and pimped, does Cath Kidston do tattoo's?

Have you got one, or do you want one?

~ ♥ Back Soon ♥ ~


Bethany said...

I've got one on my ankle that I got last year, and I want 2 more :)

Tillyflops said...

Hi, i have 3, but like your husband, mine doesnt like them either,m, but if i do have another, its too late isnt it,lol.xx

Ali said...

They all look fab - nooooo too much of a coward to get one done xx

B............... said...

I have a scorpian on my arm, it's my star sign and when married, wanted my then husband to remember I had a sting in my tail lol.
I would love more but Rich hates them too although he is happy for Me to go ahead and have 2 little stars on my wrists for my Angel babies.
Love your moo cards hun, have the one you sent Me on my gorgeous wire heart from Lynda!

B xxx

p.s glad you like the tea cups :o)

Rachael said...

Cute cards (and holders!). Getting cards done is next on my 'to do' list so if you still have a discount code I'd really appreciate it :)

VintageVicki said...

Oh yes & yes;

Yes to codes - Moo cards and on my to-do list


Yes - 2 tattoos - one on my wrist and one at the top centre of my back.

Gorgeous cups too :)

Alex said...

I love them on other people but I haven't the nerve or inclination to get one for myself.

Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

Becki is such a doll isn't she! The cups are lovely! I love the business cards, the edges are really nice, have not seen them like that before!

How clever are you with those card holders! They are all smashing! And the tats - giz a peep! ;-}

hart44 said...

I have a thing for tattoo fabric at the moment, not sure where that came from lol. Im a coward I would love a tat but too scared.

I love your card holder :)

carrad said...

A tiny star on my ankle, so that when I feel down I can look and remember that, yes I am a little star!
Love the business cards and holders! x

qwiksave said...

I have to admit I don't like tattoos and neither does my husband. I appreciate the artwork in them though but only on paper - or fabric!

I love the quality of the Moo cards, they are fab. Great business cards - and case. Nicky x

Vintage Vixen said...

Yeah, show us yours and we'll show you ours, Kandi!
Those card holders are fab, I have a fabulous Mexican blogging buddy who calls me Amor! She'd love them. Love the business cards and the cute cups. xxx

Barrijayne said...

Lovely gifts.

The little holders are so cute!

I have a small saxaphone on my upper arm with the name Jazz, which is my daughter's name in short. I also have her full name across my lower back written in Arabic. I'd like to get another one on my other arm, but not sure what to have.

Barrina x

LaaLaa said...

Lovely goodies. I love the moo cards. How gorgeosu are they?! xx

jane p said...

In Singapore, tattoos are associated with gangs. Once there were a series of gang attacks and men with tattoos were rounded up to be questioned! Quite a horror for those who have tattoos as fashion statement. Many young folks have tattoos on their ankles. The daring ones do it on their upper shoulders and arms. I love tattoos but not on my body. I esp dig Ed Hardy. I've made a few bags with "tattoos" embellishment. Once I had a MRI and me doc said if I have tattoos, they would render my imaging useless due to distortion.

Scarlett said...

As a tattoo lover myself, im loving that card wallet - such a great idea! Your business cards look fabulous too. Scarlett x

WoodbankCrafts said...

Great card wallet, love the tattoo fabric. I have 3 tattoos, one on my back, one on my stomach and one on my arm. Would love more, definitely want one on my foot and possibly make the one on my back bigger. The OH doesn't mind them but I don't think he'd like it if I had too many :) x

ziggy2407 said...

Love, love the tattoo fabric and the candles, theres so much to love on your blog, thats why I pop by everyday for "my fix".

I have two tattoos, one on my left shoulder and one across the base of my spine, would love more although my hubby isnt keen on them. Im planning my next one (sshh he doesnt know)and am using it as a motivator to lose weight - my target to aim for and my reward all wrapped up into one.

Keep up the great work, hope you're starting to feel better x

Lucy said...

I only have one little tattoo, I like the IDEA of more but I can't trust myself to like them still in 40 years' time. I love all of Elsie's tattoos of Polaroids and sewing machines and bobbins (Red Velvet blog).

Lovely cards and wallet too btw - looks a similar design to the travel pass wallets I make (also bodged as I went along) xx

Wendy said...

Hi Kandi,
I'm not a tattoo fan, my husband has one on his arm which I do like. I would love the code as I need to get some business cards printed. thank you! Where do you get your fabric labels printed?

Anonymous said...

I love those tea cups!!! So pretty! And that fabric for your card holder is fab! :o)

C x

Bee happy said...

Lovely gifts :) the business card holders are cute, I bought a special oilcloth foot for my machine after finding it hard with a normal foot!

Bee happy x
Have a delicious day!

daisychain said...

aw, your moo cards are lovely!

Scented Sweetpeas said...

Gorgeous parcels you got there and those business card holders are fab! hhmm tattoos , I can give birth with no pain killers but the thought of a tat scares me too much - go figure :-)

Rae said...

I have a rubbish tattoo, luckily hardly anyone can see it! I am hoping to get an arty tattoo-addict friend to design me one to go over the top of it soon

I love your business card holder. Couple of quick questions... where do you get the follow your dreams label from - it's really cool and I'd love to get something similar and although oilcloth seems to be a bugger to sew it looks like it might be handy for my felting, so I was also wondering where you got that too!

And doesn't tea taste so much nicer out of pretty teacups?!

Miss Pixie said...

Those business cards are lovely! I would love a tattoo but I am a wuss and too scared in case I chicken out half way through having it done and end up with a dodgy half finished tat!

Anonymous said...

These card holders are fantastic! Thank you for sharing!