Wednesday, 22 June 2011

~ ♥ Fabric Swap Partners ♥ ~

Wowzer!  Thanks everyone what a fabulous response to the swap! There are loads of us, we should keep the Royal Mail on their toes for a while (swines).

I have paired you all up below, there are some non bloggers playing this time so I have added their email addresses to the link rather than their blog.

I don't know who has swapped with who before so I just went for it!

Here we go:

Nicola Harbottle & Sew Special Bears (Nic on holiday until 25th June)
Judith Byrne & LaaLaa

One of you Mrs T; joined in but you don't have a blog or email address so I wasn't able to pair you up or contact you.  If you still want to join please let me have a contact email address and I'll pair with you.

Please contact your partner and have a little chat/email/text/tweet about your likes and dislikes and ideas of what to send each other, then let the fun begin.

I've not set a strict timescale, you can arrange that between you and your partner.  If you don't hear back from your partner after a few days please let me know and I'll send out reminders and re-pair you if necessary. If there is a problem with the links please also let me know.

I feel I must point out that my bit is just matching you up and creating a base for us all to swap.  The details and what you send is up to you all, please don't be mad at me if someone lets you down; please do let me know though and I will try to help where I can.

nb. thanks again Judith for the idea of doing a fabric swap x


~ ♥ Back Soon ♥ ~


Jackie said...

Thanks for arranging this swap - I can't wait! Lovely to be paired with someone new too. xx

ohsewbeautiful said...

Thankyou! Looking forward to getting to know my fabric swap partner :) And she's new too!

Amanda Makes said...

Hi Kandi! Thanks for organising this swap! I'm very excited to get to know my partner. Lots of love, Amanda xxx

The Patchwork Heart said...

Thanks for being so efficient Kandi! Great swap!
Heather x

Miss Pixie said...

Thank you for organising this! Looking forward to it :)

dizzytina said...

Damn I missed this one Hun! Would have loved to join in. Hope it all goes well and I'll keep my eyes peeled in future x x

Alex said...

Thanks so much for organising this :) I'll get in touch with my swap partner asap and see what I can come up with.

Lucy said...

Thank you Kandi! So exciting and a new blogger to get to know! xx

Bee happy said...

Thanks for arranging this, so excited!

Bee happy x
Have a delicious day!

Faff said...

Awesome thanks! I'm gonna get right on this :)

LaaLaa said...

Thanks for organising the swap xx

Kerri said...

Thanks Lisa for your effort in doing this swap!
I am so excited and getting bits together for you as I am doing this! lol!
I love 'Happy Mail!
Thanks again Lisa!! xx

Barrijayne said...

Hi, thought I'd already left a comment, anyhow, thank you for sorting this out. My partner was really lovely.

Have a great weekend!

Barrina xx

Ivy Black said...

Excellent! Looking forward to this one!xx