Sunday, 19 June 2011

Little Fabric Scraps

Afternoon all.  I'm starting to get a little excited about the upcoming fabric swap ~ many thanks to you who have already entered together we will make little packages of happiness to send to each other's doors. 
If you are still thinking of entering you have still got time, I'll leave it open until Wednesday and I'll pair us all up then, just sign up here

My recent makes have been a bit sporadic.  The hexie kits I popped in my Folksy shop have been going well,  there are lots of creative ladies out there who want to get into, or back into making little hexies. 

I've been making more hexies for my own stash too, I have a 'mainly pinks' idea for a cushion for my girly bedroom ~ don't tell the hubby!  I love being surrounded by little fabric scraps.

I finally got a new blade for my rotary cutter so I was trimming and cutting like mad on Saturday, so much so that my wrist is hurting like mad today.

I've made some larger squares 10cm x 10cm these will fit the larger hexies I have but I will more than likely make them into a patchwork cushion.

I've been making more candles and melts.  I had my first major fail with a batch of tea lights this week, I added too much scent and they were just not right.  They smell amazing but burn up really fast, I'll have to keep these ones for myself ;0) 

I did manage not to botch up the Bubblegum Melts I made, so they made it into my shop.

On a totally different tack, I make myself a 'Sewing Necklace' ~ I've had these charms for ages and thought I would make use of them, quite sweet and 'Sew' me.
Told you my makes were sporadic...

In other news, I've got lots of 'Family Issues' going on at the minute, so I'm a little pre-occupied. 
My blogging has been much less frequent as has my commenting. 
To be fair the commenting is not easy with blogger playing up at the minute but I mainly use my iPhone to read all of your blogs and leaving comments is not always possible on there, depending on Blogger's mood.  I do read each and every post though and I will be back to commenting and posting more often as soon as things settle down.

Love you all lots, and get your thinking caps ready for the swap x

p.s. Can't let today go by without sending a 'Happy Fathers Day' to all the wonderful Fathers out there, especially my wonderful husband, the best Dad and Step Dad any kid could wish for xXx
~ ♥ Back Soon ♥ ~


B............... said...

There was me thinking you were ignoring Me and my posts ;o)
Love the necklace you super duper talented lady you.
Hope things start to get a little easier soon hun!

B xxx

mad about bags said...

Beautiful makes as usual, love the necklace!!!
as Beki says I hope things get easier for you soon and its nice to see it hasn't put a dampers on your creativeness!!!!

Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

I am not suprised your hexi kits are going so well, I plan to buy my craft deficient sister one for her birthday xx

Ali said...

Lovelymakes there off to pop over to your etsy shop. Hope things calm down at home soon - take care xx

delia hornbook said...

You have some lovely fabrics and some lovely makes i will check out your little shop. I hope life settles down for you real soon. take care, dee x

LaaLaa said...

I love the necklace honey! I hope Mr Kandi gets spoilt today. Joe has been. xxx

Barrijayne said...

Love the necklace, very pretty!

Hope family issues get sorted out soon.

Barrina xx

Bethany said...

Oh I love the necklace!!!!
I got a new rotary cutter last week - it's one with an auto-retract blade (since I'm terrible about leaving it uncovered). It cuts like a hot knife through butter - sometimes I have to check to make sure I really cut the fabric, haha.

Dinki Dots said...

Hi Kandi, I hope the family issues get sorted, and things get better for you. Thinking of you xx

VintageVicki said...

Hope your family stuff gets sorted asap.

Love that necklace :)

Whilst I am so tempted by the swap, I know I've just not got the time at the moment to give it my full attention :(

Alex said...

Oh go on then, you've tempted me into signing up the swap :) Seems like a nice easy entry into the swapping thing - some of the others seem to require a degree of crafty ability that I know I don't possess!

The sewing necklace is genius. You should do more jewellery making - your stuff is always lovely.

A Blessed Life said...

I just love all the fabrics you have cut, the colours are just so sweet.Great job on the necklace.

dosierosie said...

you put such pretty fabrics in your packs.

Rae said...

I am lusting after your scraps! Love the necklace too - really looks fabby

Jackie said...

We love you lots too! Can't wait for the swap xx