Saturday, 25 February 2012

Monthly Make February 2012

I have been crafting a little recently but I couldn't show until now as I was making this as a gift for a friend's birthday last week.

 Handmade Hexie Knitting Bag
 This took me lots of hours but it was a labour of love as it was for my friend Lynda who I know is in need of more knitting bags (she is the knitting queen you know).  
I do love working with hexies though, it was a real pleasure.

As we are nearing the end of this month I will enter this as my February monthly make over at Annies.

I am still pottering with my crochet squares and I will start posting out once I have a few more ready.

Till next time lovely ladies ...

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Crafty Drought

Afternoon all, it's been a while.  

With one thing and another, mainly being unwell and rather exhausted I've not been making or creating much at all for weeks now.

I have kept my hand in with the crochet and knitting squares for the swap and I am quite pleased with my progress so far with these.  Once I have a few more ready I'll start posting them out.  I also received my first two squares on Friday from the Snail Garden and they were delightful, many thanks!

I am on the mend now though and I am planning on a couple of things in the near future one of which is this delightful cross stitch cushion cover.

This month's Cross Stitcher Magazine have published this Emma Bridgewater pattern and I know it's proving popular.  I know my friend Lynda is planning to make this too.
Look how well it goes with my new EB cup, a gift from a wonderful friend!

Before I start anything else I do need to get this into my sewing machine.  I couldn't resist it, on sale in Monsoon for £6 reduced from £38 originally.  

The zip is broken but to us crafty folk that's just not a problem and with a zip from my stash I should have me a new bag in about half an hour.  

To be honest I need another handbag like I need a hole in the head, but for £6 I couldn't leave it.
 would you?

In other news I have booked myself a session early next month at Just Quilting for a Free Motion Quilting Day, which I am really looking forward to. I think FMQ is something that will require a bit of expert tuition (well for me anyhow) and that will come from Lucie the Happy Quilter, who's quilting exploits I follow religiously.
The Crafts House blogged recently about the first class here and it looks like a good day is in store!

I will keep you updated on my progress...

Back Soon (promise)