Friday, 18 May 2012

Tilda Love

The new Tilda book is out.  

I popped into the Fat Quarters shop at lunchtime today (which was a little treasure trove!) for a couple of fat quarters and came away with this too.

I'm having a bit of a Tilda thing at the minute, I keep pouring over her books and as I am yet to make a Tilda angel, that is on my 'things to do in the near future' list.

Gorgeous modern girlies in their trouser suits and denim jackets.

How sweet would she look in my little sewing hobbit hole?

Cute or what, little Tilda Bugs!

I know some folk find them spooky as they have no face to speak of.  Hubbie has warned me that I am not to put one in our bedroom as they creep him out... he mostly has his eyes closed in the bedroom anyway so he'll never notice ;0)

I bought a few pretty little bits of Tilda and I'm planning to make a start soon on my own little angel.  I like this girl, from the Sew Sunny Homestyle book, she is a short angel and she is more my shape!

Who knows though I will be sure to show what transpires in all it's cute/spooky glory!  

What do you think, cute or spooky?

Back Soon x


LaaLaa said...

I had a bit of a Tilda thing a couple of years ago and made lots of angels and some other bits. I've gone off it a bit now but I love the sewing angel. She's gorgeous! Can't wait to see what you make. Xx

Love from Poppy said...

Those Tilda Bugs are soooo cute!

jill said...

Oh they are so pretty even without a face,love the sewing angel cannot wait to see what you make have fun,hope you are well love Jill xx

crafts@home said...

I love those bugs as well (look at my avatar)..... I want one!!!
Sue Xxx

carrad said...

I love Tilda stuff - once made a Christmas angel on a stick - and I don't mind their little faces at all! xxx

Sue Marie said...

I think they're super cute. not creepy at all and I'm quite the scaredy cat!
I've added this book to my wishlist!
Sue x

lemonade kitty said...

I love the Tilda bug and I think they're all cute and would love to make day!! Lucey x

Crafty Helen said...

I love the Tilda books, but am far better at leafing through the books than I am at actually ,aking anything from them ! XX

Wendy said...

I've got my eye on that book. I haven't let myself buy it yet as I have loads of Tilda books but I'm too scared to attempt any of the patterns!

Twinkle Star said...

I love the Tilda books, they are such eye candy! I think the little bugs are cute :) xx

Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

wow I love the bugs but the .real life. figure is my fave!

Louise said...

I love the Tilda figures, especially the red spotty dress one. I like that they have no facial features ... more room for imagination. So I think they are cute (and classy) : )

Vix said...

I've never seen them before and I love them (even though they kind of remind me of that scary no-eyed man in Pan's Labrynth!) x

Tea at Weasel's said...

Most definitely CUTE!!! Men are such wimps aren't they?! Haha
Gorgeous fabrics... *swoon*


hart44 said...

Hi Lisa :)
Long time no chat (sorry)
I love the Tilda book :) it is on my ''to buy'' list :)
So pleased you have a wonerful sewing hidey home now :) :)
Sue x

Lilas said...

I am planning to make a Tilda bug today with my wonderful Auntie she has one sewing bird angel and of corse a wonderful bug,she has also made three tilda dolls one for her one for my cousin and one for her friend but as soon as it's my birthday i will make sure it's on the top of my list >.<