Friday, 7 May 2010

Sunglasses and Blog Title of the Week

Little disaster this week ~ the leg fell off my sunglasses ~ I do love these sunglasses and being someone who wastes nothing I took to fixing them. I didn’t have any small screws so got my jewellery making stuff out and stuck a little wrapped loop in there. I will get a glasses repair kit next time I am at the cheap shop but I think this will do for now.

I was tempted to hang a chain from that little loop and throw lots of beads on there, but quickly saw sense.

I have just checked through my reading list and found what has to be my favourite blog title of the week, I had to share it; have a look for yourself: Projects By Jane ~ actually have a look at her bags too, she is a very talented lady.

Back Soon ♥


Vintage Vixen said...

Great job on the glasses repair!
Ha, Jane's blog title made me laugh through my hangover this morning...thanks!

Kandi said...

Glad it's not just me with a warped sense of humour! Good luck with the hangover :)
Kandi x

Alex said...

Ahaha, poor Jane. You shouldn't laugh really...

daisychain said...

Guess what arrived today! Thank you SO so much. When I have more words I will e-mail you, but for now just wanted you to know you put a huge smile on my face.

jane p said...

Now that I'm all clean, I can laugh too!