Sunday, 23 May 2010

Strawberry Data Store

I decided last week to buy an external hard drive to backup all my photos and information. I worry about losing my memory sticks as my entire life is on there, kids photos, financial info, old uni stuff and work stuff. So I was advised to get this 250g Seagate portable drive ( ) if you are interested it was only £27 in store (which I was really pleased with so I bought my hubbie one too!).

So down to the crafty bit, it needs a case and I just can’t bring myself to buy something that I can make myself so this was what I came up with:, its quite a bit more girly than the ones you can buy:
I added iron in interfacing and lined the bag with snuggly fleece to protect the data store. I had to take the zip around the bag to make it easier to get the unit in and out:
I added a little zip pull that I made from a millefiori bead I think it kind of looks like a strawberry!

The only zip that I had in my stash that was long enough was a red one so the fabric was chosen based on that, I cut out some felt strawberries and attached little beads for the pips.

It reminds me of summer, strawberries and cream, wimbledon and pimms!

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Vintage Vixen said...

Thanks for the heads up, Kandi! Just what I'm after (or so Jon tells me).
I absolutely love the case, what a great job.

witchwoopiggy said...

lovely case, its so pretty

Alex said...

Oh I may well have to invest in one of those. I've been vaguely meaning to get one for ages and I think I had some idea that they were quite expensive. £27 is pretty reasonable!

LaaLaa said...

Lovely case, Kandi! xxx

Kandi said...

Thanks guys, yes the same ones were over £45 on Amazon. It said £39 on the shelf in Tesco but the till charged £27. It was well researched by a friend of mine (who knows about these things) and it had great reviews. It's really easy to use too, just like a memory stick drag and drop.
Kandi x

Vicki said...

I'm definitely going to get one of those, I need to back up our photos as everything is on the laptop. I also thought they were really expensive and bulky, so pleased that I can finally get one! Thanks for the heads up.
Vicki xxx

Vicki said...

P.S. The case is adorable too, but you already knew that I'd love it!

Becca. said...

the case is gorgeous and i love millefiori beads!
lets link swap!

Amanda said...

Just Gorgeous! The case I mean! The technical bit went right over my head!!! Should I be needing one of these things??? Love, Amanda xxx

dinoprincesschar said...

Wow, I love the case ;)
Can't believe i've only just found your blog hun, am following now :) xx

Kandi said...

Thanks guys xx

WoodbankCrafts said...

What a fab idea, I do worry about backing up my files and the case looks really professional :)

Lily_Loves... said...

what a cute case, its lovely :D I have an external hardrive too, mine cost £70 as it is 1000gb but I edit so store alot of video files on it hence why the memory is so big. I didnt realise you could get the smaller ones so cheaply, thats great when you consider some pen sticks are £10! I wish I had a cute case like that, much better than carrying it around in a box like I do!