Sunday, 26 September 2010

Versatile Blogger Award

I have recently received another award (get me, I feel like Katherine Hepburn... I wish I looked like her too) from the rather talented Jacey of Coffee 'n' Crochet ~ thanks very much honey!
To receive this award there are 3 things you have to do;

1. Say a big thank you to the person who sent you it: Thanks lovel
y lady :)

2. Reveal 7 Interesting facts about yourself. If I keep doing these yo
u will know me better than I know myself, I am not terribly interesting but here we go:

1. I am a movie fan, I have hundreds of DVDs scattered about the house and buy films all the time.
I have a pile of movies that I circulate through on a regular basis and I watch movies sometimes in 10 parts as and when I get the time, they are the backlight to my daily life. I like a wide array of movies and the last few movies I watched this week were; Harvey (for the 1,000th time), The something, something, something Dark Side, Dead Man's Shoes and A Christmas Story (in September I know, but I love this film). I do
however rarely go to the cinema, it is not easy with 4 kids and its blooming uncomfortable and expensive, and I hate that plebs sit near me and talk and eat with their mouths open and it just drives me insane and I can't enjoy the film, oh I am such an old woman! Ohh I once had a fight at the cinema (on my birthday!) with a man who sat on me and then poured Nacho's and Cheese and Pepsi over me. The cinema apologised on his behalf, gave me loads of free tickets and offered to pay for my dry cleaning and the police had a polite word with him. I must learn to keep my mouth shut though :)

2. I am a scatterbrain and have to write everything
I carry a huge handbag with two notebooks for current lists of stuff and long term stuff I need to remember. I wonder sometimes if I have early onset dementia, it does run in my mate
rnal family. At work each day I keep a notebook by me all the time and write everything down and each day things that have not been addressed I have to copy over to tomorrow's page so I don't forget. People at work know not to ring me on my mobile as I always tell them to confirm by email a I WILL forget.

3. I am a huge Alan Bennett fan.

I love all of his work and have a special fondness for his monologues and his work with Thora Hird. I know he is gay and has a life partner but I could spend the rest of my days with this man, I adore his dulcet Yorkshire tones. I have listened to his talking heads monologues so often I know them all verbatim, my favourites being A Cream Cracker Under the Settee, The Last of the Sun, Waiting for the Telegram and A Chip in the Sugar.

4. I love the Radio, especially Radio 4.
For years now I have never missed an episode of the Archers, I am an Archers Addict! I love Womens Hour too and podcast this each day. I don't watch much TV really, I do like some of the soaps, but that's about it.

5. When I was a little kid we lived in a Sheltered Accommodation Block for the elderley a my Mum was the warden. It consisted of a huge building housing about 60 self contained flats. It was locked all the time and as such I had the run of the place. All my friends were between 60 - 98 and they were the people that shaped my life.
I visited my favourite friends every day, it was like having dozens of grandma's and grandpa's, my best friend was Hilda, she fed me Jam Sandwiches and let me play with her treasures. I remember at Easter my brother and I would get about 40 or so easter eggs each!

6. I have very few friends.All through my life I have had one or two close friends rather than a huge gaggle of friends around me. I am not a social animal, and can't abide having a house full of visitors, I prefer a few select friends who I really care about. I have one best friend who I love and lots and my Hubbie and Boys, then we have quite a small family and a couple of other friends and that's enough for me! I can't abide false people and false 'friends' so I choose not to have them around me. As I am getting older I am much less tolerant of everything, I am a grumpy old woman at 36! Oh p.s. I love Calvin and Hobbes (the comic strip above).

7. I love poetry and have a poem for most occasions.
Again my tastes are wide and varied but some of my favourites are;
Flowers ~ Wendy Cope
Sonnet 116 ~ William Shakespeare
Sonnet From the Portuguese XLIII ~ Elizabeth barrett Browning
The Road Not Taken ~ Robert Frost
The Lady of Shalott ~ Alfred Lord Tennyson
Sudden Light ~ Dante Gabriel Rosetti
Remember ~ Christina Georgina Rosetti

So there you have it another few pieces of me. Again, I have to pass this on, but again, if you fancy taking up the mantle please feel free to, I will not actually tag you as I know some of you don't like it, but it's open to all.

All images courtesty of google images.

~ ♥ Back Soon ♥ ~


qwiksave said...

Oh Wow! Your most revealing yet! Very interesting Kandi, thank you very much for letting us into Kandiworld.

I am a Calvin & Hobbs fan too - got ALL the books. x

daisychain said...

congrats! x

Kerry said...

Thoughtful answers, thank you! I have just done this award, it made me reflect in a way I don't normally tend to do. I love your poetry selection.

Vintage Vixen said...

Yay! A well-deserved award and such fascinating facts. Dead Man's Shoes is one of my favourite films ever, Shane Meadows and Paddy Considine rule! xxx

LaaLaa said...

What a great post, Kandi. It's great to learn more about you. We have so much in common it made me smile. I too have hundreds of DVDs scattered about and films are the backlight to my daily life too. It's great escapism. I'm a HUGE Alan Bennet fan too. I love Prick up Your Ears. My favourites of the Talking Heads stories were A Lady of Letters and Her Big Chance (with Julie Walters). Just fab! Another Radio 4 fan here too. Thanks for sharing. Lynda xxx

Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

Well Done My Lovely Bloggy Mate! You deserve it and I love getting to know more about you!

I am very similar to you on the friends front and prefer to hold my own council! I am a bit shy really! I love Alan Bennett - fantastic!


Lovely post Kandi. x

Pene said...

Agree with you on the friend front I only have a couple of real friends that I've known for years. One of them I only see a couple of times a year but everytime we meet up it seems like it was only yesterday.
Pene x

Pink Poppy said...

Kandi I love your post and honesty. Totally agree bout the friend thing. Quality over quantity any day for me.

dizzytina said...

Fab post kandi love the tale about sheltered accomodation it really made me smile x x

Em said...

Congrats on the award Kandi!!
Dead Mans Shoes is a brilliant film, have you ever seen Requiem for a Dream? It has the same feeling of despair at the end that I feel after watching Dead Mans Shoes (I'm a happy soul really).
I only became a fan of the Archers in the past year but I never ever miss it, its much more exciting than the TV soaps!!
Em xxx

Bethany said...

WOW!!! I love your reveals! My favorite part is where you say "all my friends were between 60 and 98."

Alex said...

Ooh how interesting - we have lots in common! I love a bit of Radio 4 but mostly have to do it by podcasts as I can never end up listening at the right time.

Must investigate some of those poems. I feel like it's my one literary area that I woefully neglect, so I really must get to grips with it soon.

a mermaids purse said...

i really loved reading that kandi, thank you for sharing ;0) i loved the childhood bit about the sheltered accomadation and having lots of nannys and grandpa's - how lovely!!!!
especially at easter! i bet that was a treat!
Ive never had a mass group of friends and i was never a big social type...ive met alot of friends in my life time but only a few i can call real friends- im so used to my own company now living as a single parent that i dont mind my own comapnay and doing my own thing...I do love the Archers but i seem to miss quite a few episodes and have to catch up online on bbc i player! hehe ;0)x
lovely to get to know you , best wishes,
kazzy xxxx

Lucy said...

Congrats on the award Kandi; I love Alan Bennett too but didn't realise he was gay! He's my 'older man' crush! *SOB*

Shabby Chick said...

Hi Kandi, really enjoyed reading your post. I remember reading all the Calvin and Hobbes books when I was about 10 as my brother loved them, they are still so cute when you're an adult!

Thanks so much for the lovely comment about my dresser :)

I used Crown ivory cream (one of my fave colours ever!). I think you're meant to use eggshell paint but I just used emulsion as I don't mind if it gets a bit worn over time and I like how matte it is :)

Mel xxx

hart44 said...

Kandi, it is a delight to read your blog :) well done on your award :)
Sue xx