Sunday, 22 February 2015

Mittens Galore

If you're a woman in my life you will have received a pair of mittens from me recently.  
I get myself into a mitten frenzy every year.  Last year I went ga-ga for Sandras Cherry Basket Mittens and this year it is the lovely heather's Miss Read Mitts that I became addicted to.
Here are just some of the mittens I made as gifts this winter for dear friends and family.

There were others that I didn't get a photo of but what a lovely little pattern and so easy to follow.  

Wonder what next years mitten addiction will be?

Back Soon
Lisa xx


Lottie me said...

Stunningly gorgeous. Wish I could knit

Kezzie said...

It's the beautiful detailing that makes these stand out- Clever yoU!x

faith76 said...

The pattern is super lovely xxx

crafty-mum said...

Thank you for the pattern links. I have been looking for a simple yet effective pattern to make some for my daughter in law!

Gem said...

So lovely to see you back and blogging regularly.
I'd dropped out of blog-world for a while and returned at the end of last year, it was such a shame to see that so many of the blogs I had been following were not blogging as regularly as before, nice to see some of them slowly returning :) x x x x