Saturday, 17 December 2011

Advent Swap Day 16 & 17

Following on from my last post I took I have popped in to show you what else I received in the Advent Swap from my friend Lynda.

Day 16
Clinique delights, wowzer woman you are really spoiling me!
I'm now sparkling!

Day 17 

Lovely knitty craft book (sorry blogger is playing up again!)
Thanks Honey!

You remember my obsession in embryo with quilting? Well I have been doing lots of research and reading up and I came across a lovely blog of a talented lady    Lucie the Happy Quilter  
Lucie is responsible for several of the lovely creations I showed on my recent visit to Just Quilting at Killingworth, and recently she had a little giveaway and I won!
This little bundle will turn into something like this,

(borrowed from Lucie's blog)
It's sure not to be as good but I'll give it a good go!  That does depend on whether or not Santa delivers a new sewing machine YOU HEAR ME SANTA!!
Thanks Lucie.

~ ♥ Back Soon ♥ ~ 


Anonymous said...

Hiya Kandi
I hope you enjoy making the Christmas Heart Tree. It's really easy. Thanks for the kind words. X

Rosa Lily (Pen) said...

What fantastic gifts you lucky Lady xx

B.................. said...

Lovely win there Mrs, looking forward to seeing your finished cushion
Can't wait to get stuck into the patterns you sent Me.

B xxx

Amanda Makes said...

A little bird tells me you have a special day tomorrow. Hope it's gorgeous from beginning to end. Much love, Amanda xxxx

A Blessed Life said...

Lol hope he does bring it lol let us know! lovely win and yes very spoilt but I think perhaps you deserve it.

♥ Miss Tea said...

what a fab gifts u won over lucie's blog! and those Cliniques are awesome and the book looks soo interesting, enjoy making the adorable hearts christmas tree cushion! x susan