Friday, 23 April 2010

Weekend starts here..

Well, I have made it through another week! Weekends are just the best.

Not many plans for this weekend, other than the usual shopping, charity shop/car boot hunt, making bits and bobs, and entertaining bored children (including buying a new trampoline and assembling it!!).

Bit of a downer on the weekend is that I am off to have my hair cut today. I'm not like normal women, I just hate having my hair cut, I do it out of necessity only. It has taken a long time (about 9 years) to find a hairdresser that I feel comfortable going back to, she is really sweet and feels the same about having her hair cut as I do so it's relatively quick and painless. Each time I go my lovely husband comments that my hair looks wonderful, even though I have exactly the same haircut every time; bless him, perhaps one day I will suprise him!

I have noticed that although my little blog has only been going for a couple of weeks I have lots of lovely followers!
Can I say, thank you all so much; you have all given me the encouragement to get on with making stuff instead of sitting just thinking about it. It has been suggested that I should consider a giveaway once it reaches 30. Now to put my thinking cap on for ideas of what to give (providing I can find another few souls to read my ramblings), any ideas of what my giveaway should include? I'm thinking some jewellery I have made and something I have sewn and perhaps a little kit for someone to have a go themselves - what do you think?
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daisychain said...

I'm with you on hating getting my hair cut! x

qwiksave said...

I remember getting my hair cut in a fancy way once (colour too) and my best friend didn't recognise me! I was tapping on the window of Starbucks at her and she looked around the cafe thinking I was knocking for someone else! Now my hair is a mess and LONG overdue for a cut - I put it off too. xx

Kandi said...

Oh, it really is my pet hate, I just can't stand to be fussed! I go much less often than I should, but my new hairdresser is very understanding x

PepPop said...

Me too. I don't mind being fussed, I just don't like being fussed by a complete stranger. Jaqui x