Saturday, 10 April 2010

Sewing, beads and bits and bobs..

As mentioned yesterday, here are a few bits and bobs I have been making recently. I don't really have a plan for any of it, I simply enjoy making it. Some of it has already been given away as gifts to friends and family I guess at the end of the year when I have a stash of stuff I will have to do a craft fair or sell online.

Most of my beads and fabrics were previously something else, or were bargains. I am unable to pay full price for anything and I am always on the lookout for bargains. Now and again however, something comes along that I just have to have at any price, but I think my general thriftyness makes up for it somewhere along the way (is there such a thing as thrifty karma?)

Some of my fabric makes:

Some of my jewellery / beading makes:

Be back soon




Anonymous said...

Lovely things, Kandipandi. The Sock Monkey is so cute and I love the floral bag too, it's a bit retro but contemporary at the same time. (btw, I'm thistledome on MSE, so already commented on your jewellery!)

Pink Poppy said...

Kandi love the makes- your style is very Accessorize!
I`m glad you started a blog I can keep up with blogs easier than MSE posts!Can`t wait to see more of your fab creations.

Poppy x

Kandi said...

Thanks ladies, and welcome.
I find it easier to follow your blogs too than try to keep up with all the makes on all the threads on MSE.
Kandi x

qwiksave said...

Well done on setting up the blog, it really is a great way of showing what you do. Lovely makes Kandi. x