Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Sock Monkey Hat & Scarf Pattern

A few of you have asked for a pattern to follow to make a hat and scarf for your sock monkeys, or equivalent sized toys.
As mentioned in my previous posting I followed a pattern given to me by the lovely Claire aka 3tabbycats from the money saving expert sock monkey thread. I contacted Claire and she has kindly give me permission to post her pattern here:

The pattern was given with instructions to use 4mm needles, I only had 4 1/2 mm needles to hand so I used those.

Cast on 28 stitches ~ knit 2 ~ purl 2 until it measures about 25cm, cast off.

Fold this in half and from the wrong side stitch up each side to make a rectangular pouch.

From the wrong side again at the place that is going to be the top of the hat you can either leave this as it is and add two pom pom's ~ one to each corner (on the outside), or like I did you can gather the top of the hat by sewing a running stitch (using the same wool) along the top inside and gathering it in.


Cast on 8 stitches ~ knit 2 ~ purl 2 until it measures about 50cm and cast off.

Pom Pom

For the pom pom the outer circle of card is cut about 2.5 cm in diameter and, for the middle circle about 1.75cm (or draw around a 5p piece) ~ remember you need two of these. Wind the wool onto the circles with a wool needle to make it easier and neater.

You can now add either tassels or pom poms to your finished creations and voila, a miniature hat and scarf!

I must admit my hat was a tad on the large side for my monkey, but this was because I used the larger needles and the pattern is intended for a ladies sock sized monkey and not a childs sock (which is what I used).

Thanks again to Claire for the instructions x

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giddynici said...

He is very cute. Might need to have a go at one sometime. x

Kandi said...

Thanks - yeah you should have a go they are so simple and the kids love em! x