Monday, 26 April 2010

Shabby Makeup Bags

I have got my sewing head back on for the minute, I think it's the shame of having a mountain of fabric staring at me begging to be made into something.

I am mad for bags and makeup bags and I think they are a nice easy thing to make and if I end up with a mountain of them they are good to give away as gifts. Delving into my fabric stash I found these materials, these particular ones were swatches sent to me be by a sofa company, so I turned them into little makeup bags.

The fabric is upholstery fabric and they are lined with plain cream cotton, so I didn't bother to interface or use wadding so these were ultra quick and easy to make. I only stopped as I ran out of co-ordinating zips. Cutting the materials and gathering the supplies took longer than it did to run them up on the machine.

The lace and ribbon were added from my stash and the lace was preciously the neckline and petticoat bottom of a child's vintage dress.

Once finished I added little beaded zip pulls.

It was my intention last year to learn how to make jewellery so that I could add little embellishments to my sewing things, like zip pulls and bag charms, but the pesky jewellery making embedded itself into my head and it took over the sewing!

Now I am back to where I intended to be, lots of sewing, little bit of jewellery, let's see how long that lasts :)

Back Soon.


qwiksave said...

Thats a great idea for those free fabric samples Kandi, I've been wondering what to do with mine... Not that I can sew, yet.. I like the embellishments too, very modern. x

PepPop said...

I really like these and the material is stunning. They are lovely gifts and great charms too. Jaqui x

Alex said...

These are so beautiful. Do you sell them or just make them for fun?

Kandi said...

Thanks all, so kind again x
I am just making for pleasure at the minute. I plan to give some stuff away as presents and will have to sell the rest at some point, my stuff is taking over the house!!
Kandi x

jane p said...

Kandi, your makeup bags look very good. I like the vintage look. I wouldn't use them to put makeup tho'. Completely ruin them. What a waste. :)

Legyviel said...

I like that they look vintage. Very cute!

daisychain said...

wow, these are gorgeous, I want!

artydoll said...

lovely bags ,they are really great anyone would love one as a present,well maybe not my OH, lol.

Crafting in the beach hut said...

Brill bags - excellent MSE tip too, using up swatches to make something so pretty. They are super chic! xox