Monday, 26 April 2010

Poorly Tums and Patriotism

Well Monday was not a good day in some ways. I woke up feeling rubbish, I had been up most of the night with a poorly tum (say no more) and sickness so I was shattered! Due to the desperate need for sleep I rang in sick at work ~ something that I hate doing. So, I went back to bed and slept the morning away pretty much and after lunch started to feel a little better, so I got my fabric out and started pottering.

I keep meaning to publish a list of things I want to make at the side of my blog but have never found the time to do it (perhaps tomorrow), but one of the things that I have really wanted to do was a Union Jack Cushion or Makeup Bag.

As I battled through my illness (don't snigger) in true British fashion, stiff upper lip and all that, I decided that I would have a go today with what I could find in my stash.

Here is what I came up with:

A navy blue pillowcase, some ribbons, some old lace (from girls vintage dress), and some spotty red fabric from a fat quarter I bought a while ago.

Then I just followed my picture and made a flag:

If you are Scottish (my second favourite country) stop here ~ you are done! :)

While I had all the stuff out I made two at the same time.

My zips were ladies skirt zips and were a touch too short so I added to them.

The finished article:

The back is the red spotty fabric and the lining is the blue pillowcase:

My little bags just needed a little something extra so I added some 'crown jewels', in red white and blue of course:

I can see myself brandishing this at the last night of the proms singing along to Pomp and Circumstance March No. 1 in D major (I have never actually been but it's one of my ambitions!).

Rule Britannia!

Back Soon


Pink Poppy said...

Kandi those are bloomimg brilliant!

Poppy x

Louise said...

Love those, I love all the Union Jack atuff around atm. In fact I was just eyeing up some union jack tea towels in Tesco this morning but I've enough on my plate at the moment! Backlog of sewing and too much procrastination are my problems at the moment!

Alex said...

They are absolutely gorgeous!

*hugs* for you - hope you're feeling better now.

cazsmum said...

I think they're my favourite make on your blog so far! Totally gorgeous, and what a great way to spend a sick day x

qwiksave said...

I love those Kandi! They are Fab! I too am glad to see the Union Jack around, about time! Hope you are feeling better soon. x

Kandi said...

Thanks very much ladies! They are my fave but they did take such a long time to make, perhaps it will be quicker next time. Must look out for union jack t-towels at Tesco, thanks for heads up!
Kandi x

Jackie said...

Love them - they look fab!!! x

PepPop said...

I would have stopped after the first pic but I had to keep going to reach your comment form :) Great bags Jaqui x

Vicki said...

They are so cute. I want to copy all of your makes!
Vicki xx

Angie said...

These are fab - I really think you could mass produce these and sell loads!!!!

Carmen said...

The fact that you designed this yourself, while you were ill and then did TWO! Well, that's just not fair is it? :P Absolutely brilliant - I just love that touch of lace on there, genius!