Friday, 16 April 2010

Sunny Fridays, and Monkeys...

I have had a rare day off work today, last day of the kids school holidays (hooray!).

What a beautiful day it was too, the sun was shining all day and I felt like I was wasting my day sat at the kitchen table with the sewing machine.

I started making my mam a new peg bag and I needed it finished by Sunday so I had to get stuck in. My last peg bag was quite cute but this one was much more simple (hope she likes it):

Once this was done, as the machine was out I made a little sock monkey, I did the machine sewing in double quick time and then took all my bits out into the garden to finish it off, dragging the kids out with me (kicking and screaming to be parted from their beloved computers!).

Here he is all done and dusted:

I think I had better knit him a little hat and scarf, whilst catching up with my soaps tonight!

Back Soon

Kandi x


Pink Poppy said...

Aww Kandi your monkey is sooo cute. Great peg bag too your Mum will love it .

Poppy x

Vicki said...

OMG, the monkey is so adorable. I can't belive how clever that is!
Love the peg bag too. I actually want to make everything I've seen on your blog but not having a sewing machine means things takea long time.
Vicki xx

Kandi said...

Thanks x
Vicki - you can hand sew a sock monkey rather easily but it is a bit time consuming, just sit infront of your favourite TV show and time will disappear!