Sunday, 18 April 2010

Saturday, Shopping and Knitting

Yesterday I finally finished knitting my little sock monkey a hat and scarf. I think they look so much better finished off with accessories. I am not a knitter it has to be said, but I followed some really simple instructions from the brilliant 3tabbycats on MoneySavingExpert, Sock Monkey Thread and came up with a little hat and scarf in no time (well, more like a couple of hours!), here he is all finished and ready for the next frost;

He was my only make this weekend so far, I have been putting off sewing until I got a rotary cutter as I have some small bits I want to cut and my eyes and scissors are just not cutting straight and I don't want to waste any more material (I lost my temper with some wonky felt on friday... I really must get a life).

Anyway shopping yesterday I found a lovely little craft shop which is close to where I live and it was a little treasure trove. In the main it has loads of stuff for cardmaking and scrapbooking, but there were sections for sewing and jewellery making along with lots of tools and bits and bobs. I was rather suprised at the prices as I thought they were very reasonable, the lady who owns it mentioned that she is a crafter and she tries to keep her prices as low as possible as she knows how expensive these hobbies can be (ain't that the truth)! This was my stash from there yesterday, including a rotary cutter;

I have left all the prices on, rotary cutter £8.45, Craft Pliers £3.95, Eyelt Plier £4.25, the cotton at the front was 30p a spool! The craft pliers are infact a crimping tool which I paid £8.95 for recently so I bought this one for my friend, at that price I couldn't not. In addition to this they run a loyalty card scheme every £10 you spend you get a stamp and fill up the card for money off.

Anyhoo, if you live in or are visiting Northumberland this little shop is Crazy Crafters, 1 Poplar Bulidings, Ashington, Northumberland (opposite Wetherspoons Pub ~ Rohan Kanhai).

Following on from my craft haul I scoured the charity shops and came away with this top for £1.50, it's not something I would wear but thought I could make it into something, it's a boden kaftan type top and it's a size 20 so plenty of material to go at.

Nb. I don't hang my tops out to dry like this it's only for the sake of the picture, my Nanna would be turning in her grave to see a top hung on the line, it was drummed into me ~ 'If you wear it on the top hang it from the bottom, if you wear it on the bottom, hang it from the top'... I really, really must get a life....

Now what to make with this material.........

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Sarah said...

Your sock monkey's hat is so cute! My friend Maggie is a keen crafter and made me a sock monkey recently. He's stripey and I just love him! x

Crafting in the beach hut said...

Love your sock monkey! Hadn't realised you'd got a blog - only ever seen your posts on MSE and haven't checked in there for a while (too busy with the sewing machine!)

Thanks for your comment on my blog - I've replied to your query there but basically I just cut and sewed my teacups on by hand - nothing as technical as folding over or a nice safe zigzag stitch! Thanks again for stopping by - I'm just off to follow you :o) xox

Vicki said...

Oh finally I meet someone who knows about hanging washing! Although I rather favour hanging tops up by the armpit as they are mostly worn untucked now. My DH still gets in trouble for begging in the middle of the back grrrr!

Vicki said...

Begging? What am I talking about. I mean pegging but you knew that right?
Vicki xxx

Kandi said...

You guys make me smile. Thanks for the info re. the teacups I am dying to try this! The Laura Ashley cushion is is the sale now but still far to expensive!
Vicki - I had kittens when I came home and DH has shoved dolly pegs into the middle of woolens on the line - bless him x


Nice material Kandi, cant wait to see what you make with it.... and I love your sock monkey! x