Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Sew! Cath Kidston

Well, we are at the end of another week ~ how did that happen? At least we get a long weekend, and for you guys who work normal(ish) hours and get the three days off, enjoy it; for those that have to work it, my commiserations. Thanks to all you lovely ladies who have entered my giveaway, keep spreading the word and we will have the draw on the 13th May!
On a similar note, I have been allocated my partner for the Fabric Swap organised by Crafty Helen @ Home and it is the lovely Vanilla from Sew.Vanilla. I will be gathering my stuff together this weekend to send on to her, she has totally different tastes to mine so this will be quite interesting for me to put myself in someone elses shoes when choosing what to send. I hope she likes it as it's my first ever swap.

Well, a while ago I had my eye on this little book and a few people who already had it kind of put me off it, so I left well alone. Recently though, I was reliably informed that it was half price on amazon (£7.48) so I thought why not just go for it, if it is rubbish I can (palm if off on some poor soul) kindly pass it on to someone.

Well, it's brill! I am really pleased with it, when I opened it I went 'Mweeppp' (that is my excited squeak) and I smiled for a good while, how often does that happen in a day?
I was not expecting what I got to be honest, I am not sure what I expected but this wasn't it. If I had actually picked it up and looked through it before now I would have bought it at full price (well, probably ~ I'm a bit tight and hate to pay full price for anything).
There is a range of ideas of things to make in there, loads and loads of them in a similar vein to the Tilda books. I have the Sew Pretty Homestyle Tilda book which I really do love, but there are not too many practical things to make in there in my opinion, there are only so many spooky angels one girl needs. This Sew Book however is more up my street.

I have taken a few quick snaps in my excitement of the things that immediately popped onto my to do list:

Ain't the birdies cute?
Desperately need one of these oven gloves as mine is rotten!

More cute birdies :)

All of the patterns are given with the book on a huge gridded A1 sheet of paper, which is brill!

I set myself away and made the bag, I added some lining and a little inside pocket. To be honest the instructions were not brilliant, I just set myself away and did it how I thought it should be, for example their method of making the button loop was a bit like passing a camel through the eye of a needle!

So, here it is all made up, its been through the washer already trying to 'shabby' it up a bit, but I am pleased with it and might give it an outing later today. Be warned though it is quite dinky (about 8inches high by about 12 inches wide), I think the photos are deceiving.

Anyone else made the bag from this book?

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Crafting in the beach hut said...

Yes! Me! I made the bag too. I also heard this book wasn't the greatest, but then I saw it on amazon at a bargain price so I ordered it and was soooo chuffed when it arrived ("mweeppp!").

I made the bag up immediately (also not using the instructions) lining it and putting in a pocket (with a CK fabric sample I'd been sent) and it looks ace. My colleagues thought it a genuine CK bag and one in particular was outraged that I was implying it was genuine CK when I'd made it myself (she even mentioned it was illegal!!!)

Anyhoo, the book is ace - I love it. I've been using my bag for a week or so and the handles keep coming off their little buttons so this morning I've sewn them on - much better. I love the lining in yours - can't wait to see what else you make from the book! I'm not sure what's next on my to-do list... What are you doing next? xox

Alex said...

Oh it's lovely! I really like the look of the knitting bag - I need one of those.

Pink Poppy said...

I got the Sew book too Kandi but haven`t had chance to get a proper look let alone make the bag up lol!
Your bag looks great!

Poppy x

Kandi said...

Lucy, I am really tempted with the lavender bags and little birdies next, I am not sure what I would do with little lavender birdies but they are cute!I am also going to start keeping even the smallest scraps to make that knitting bag, I already have a set of those handles somewhere...think,think...
Kandi x

qwiksave said...

Whst a sewing whizz you are Kandi! Wish I could sew (sigh!) Although this book is meant for beginners isn't it? (But you said the instructions weren't too good..?) Maybe I'll leave sewing to all you experts! x


I love your bag Kandi!! A few of my friends at sewing classes were talking about this book the other day and said it is really good too!

fruit-loop said...

Kandi the bag is lovely! I've ummed and ahhed about this book for a while now. I think I will get it now though.

Kandi said...

Oh go on treat yourself! It was £7.45 and free supersaver delivery on Amazon, I ordered it on Saturday and it came on Tuesday. Well pleased.
Kandi x

Crafting in the beach hut said...

Fruit-loop - buy it! It's brill - it's worth £7.50 just for the fabric and the CK logo you get with it.... plus you can choose your own fabbo lining to put in it ;o) xox

Vicki said...

Oh I simply must have this book, it looks great.
Love the bag, oven glove and birdy mobile most.
Vicki xxx

Carmen said...

Thank you so much for posting those piccies. This has been on my Amazon wishlist for some time and I have been ummming and aaahhing over whether to treat myself or not. You know what - I think you've sold me ;)

Love your blog!

Dinki Dots said...

Thanks for linking to this - now I really, really can't wait to get the book!!! Gorgeous stuff!