Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Scraps & Yo Yo Makes

Having recently acquired my new rotary cutter I was itching to try it out. Fortunately I am a bit of a hoarder and I keep lots of off cuts; so delving through my 'rubbish' bag I came up with loads of little scraps that I cut into circles to make Yo-Yos.

I don't know how I managed without a rotary cutter before now ~ it's fab! I was able to cut through 4 layers in one go saving loads of time, and cutting in circles with the cutter is not easy (I should have tried it out on squares I guess, I never go for the easy option!) but it worked.

I really enjoyed pottering with these, they were quick and easy to do, and I got to use some of my lovely buttons. So instead of a bag of scraps I now have a bag of Yo-Yos.

I'm not entirely sure how I will use them at the moment, perhaps a necklace or a couple of brooches, or just to add to makeup bags etc. but whatever they turn into I will be sure to let you see.

Back Soon.


Pink Poppy said...

Love the Yo Yos Kandi the colours are so pretty x

Louise said...

Rotary cutters are soo cool aren't they? I love yo-yos, theres loads of ideas on how to use yo-yos here
and here

Kandi said...

Thanks so much for the kind words and the link ~ I will have to have a look for inspiration. x

Deborah said...

I love making yo-yos and always wonder how to use them, i made a cushion covered with them but tis old and tatty now! me thinking here Kandi.
love your pretty blog!
best regards

giddynici said...

Cute. I'm sure you will put them to great use. x

Amanda said...

Hi Kandi! Thanks for popping in to see me! How lovely to meet you. My friends didn't used to be crafty but i've been working on them for years! It was amazing and wonderful to have them here, sewing.Love your blog. Amanda xxx

Kandi said...

Thanks for the kind words ladies, I will have to post once I manage to make something with them x