Wednesday, 10 November 2010

A day off and a little Shopping

I have taken the plunge and despite being run ragged at work I have booked an ad hoc day's annual leave, as I was in desperate need of a day off!!
I intended to quickly take something back to the shops and post a couple of parcels off as I had an appointment in the afternoon and I intended to craft for the rest of the day for Christmas but the charity shops called me in.
My local charity shop has just recieved a bit of a craft haul donation this week which I quickly snapped up:
My favourite was the Fiskars pinking shears almost brand new for 50p, I have been looking for some reasonable pinking shears for ages. In addition to these beauties was an assortment of vintage buttons, needles,trim, zipper foot, bias maker and bits and bobs - the whole lot came to £2.75, I am a happy bunny.

I came across this little tea set for 2 for £2 so snaffled that up too, they wrapped it in so much tissue paper that it will last me forever!

Ain't the little flowers sweet?

I spied this bracelet under the counter and fell for that too, 80p - its from Tunisia apparently

Then on to Evans and had a quick shuffle through the sale racks and bought floor lenght black sleveless maxi dress (£15 was £35) and I love it but ... in November - mmm I haven't thought this through have I?

Ooohh and this morning, my soaps turned up, there were a few more that are pressies so I didn't photo them as the recipents might see em here. The smell from the box was devine.

I have spent a good hour sorting and wrapping my Secret Santa Swap goodies and I am starting to feel all excited about Christmas now.

~ ♥ Back Soon ♥ ~


Kerry said...

Love your charity shop haul! Pinking shears are so expensive so a great find, the bias maker is a really useful tool too x

Sarah said...

What fantastic finds, ive been looking for pinking shears they are so expensive xx

Jacquie said...

Hi Kandi , you got some great things today, that bracelet is lovely.
How funny you found some pinking shears as I've just posted a project that requires them!!
Theres a giveaway too.
Jacquie x

Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

Wow I love the scissors - they are such a great brand and so expensive too - what a bargain!

The dress is gorgeous - all ready now for chrimbo do's!

Soap - mmmm! I can smell it from here!

Vintage Vixen said...

Such a great haul! I never understand why people give away such useful things, but I'm glad they do!
That bracelet is either Moroccan or Tunisian, it's the lucky hand of Fatima. I love them and bought loads when I travelled around years ago.
That dress is gorgeous, just pop a tight long sleeved top and leggings underneath & you'll be as warm as toast. xxx

Em said...

I was just going to mention the 'Hand of Fatima' too but Vintage Vixen beat me to it!!
I have the very same dress and I always get compliments when I wear it, one thing though it dosen't look it but its quite low cut so if like me you're lucky in the boob dept either show 'em off or cover 'em up!!!
Em xxxxxxxxx

Florrie said...

Wow, what an amazing find, both the craft haul and the lovely dress.....just one question........can I come with you next time you go charity shop shopping.
florrie x

gill said...

Lucky you!
I never seem to find anything like this in the local CS's

Pink Poppy said...

You can`t beat a good shop. You did so well with your CS bargains and the dress is very glam.
I`m off to have a look at the bomb soaps now. What a lovely gift set you are making with the face cloths. Dx

Bethany said...

I'm taking an annual shopping day with my mother tomorrow--I am SOO looking forward to it. The past few weeks at work have been stressful!

Amanda said...

How fantastic Kandipops! You deserved a really good day off! Loads of love, Amanda xxx

qwiksave said...

Yay! Csn't beat a good charity shop day! As you know, I have those 'sometimes!' lol. With a warm top the dress will work too. x

Amy said...

What a great charity shop haul! The soaps look divine x

daisychain said...

Oh my, that teaset is a DREAM

Alex said...

Oh what fab finds! I find most chain charity shops sadly lacking in crafty stuff nowadays - I only ever seem to turn up patterns and buttons in little hospice shops etc.

Love the dress! Boots and tights underneath, cardi over the top and you're perfectly set for winter :)

simplyvintage said...

Wow - what fantastic bargains. Loving them all but especially the dress, which as otherrs have said will work brilliantly with a top and warm tights or leggings underrneath. Well done. xxx

Clara said...

Great finds and I love the dress!

Josie-Mary said...

What great finds, well done :)
The dress is lovely :)

dinoprincesschar said...

SO lucky with those crafty bits in a charity shop!!! ANd i love the cup and saucer!! :)

Country Girl said...

Great finds - and the dress would be just the thing for Christams parties with a few accessories.

Scented Sweetpeas said...

wow what fab bargains! I recently got some vintage pinking shears off e-bay but they were about £9!

ooh those soaps look lovely.

a mermaids purse said...

wonderful treats n treasures kandi x
love the black maxi dress tooo witt tooo wooo!
and those tea cups n sewing goodies ;0)