Saturday, 27 November 2010

Cooking ~ me?

There is something about this weather that makes me want to cook. It's bloomin' freezing up here in Northumberland and it's snowing like mad ~ this was my garden this morning.

It looks beautiful and I love it when I can watch it falling in front of the old lamp post in the street (from my sofa, through the window with the fire roaring I might add!) and it feels like you could be in Narnia, but it's a bugger when you have to actually go anywhere, the roads are a nightmare and work and kids schools are 25 miles away! This morning the Police are stopping people trying to get on the A1 asking if their journey is really necessary! I find it quite funny how the news is dominated by it all, as up here snow is not such a novelty. When I was living in Durham we had snow in June more than once!

Anyhoo, all this cold makes me want to cook. Well it's no big secret that I'm not much cop in the Kitchen, I muddle through. I can cook a roast, make lasagne from the jars, and heat up Aunt Bessies yorkies ~ my kids wonder why they don't get a Christmas Card from this Aunt Bessie as she features in our life a lot! But I try; I have all the cookbooks but just never find time to get stuck in, well this week I did, I got my cupcakes book out and had a go
(you notice I didn't cook a hearty stew, no I made cakes ~ is it any wonder I'm fat?!?!) :

And it worked a treat, I was a bit heavy handed with the icing dusting but they were beautiful and went in a flash, lemon butterfly cakes!

This book was about £2 from Asda in the sale last year and there are just loads of treats in here, these are a few of my favourites:

Get these; button cookies, two of my favourite things together:

If you want any of these recipes let me know and I'll copy em out; is that allowed ~ if It's not then I won't but message me anyhow ;)

Oh and I wanted to show you this, my local Ethel Austin is selling these metal signs, lots of different ones all with a vintage feel, they have a pink 'Keep Calm and Eat a Cupcake Sign' for example, this one is A5 size and was £5, they have larger ones for £10:
Keep Warm and Carry On!

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LaaLaa said...

Oh I wish we had snow like that! We've had a light dusting and that's it. It's absolutely freezing here too. Today we've got the kids so we're making advent cookies, if they come out OK. Enjoy the rest of your weekend. xxx

Serenata said...

As you say lovely snow when you are all tucked up and warm, but a real nightmare if you have to go anyway.

The cakes look scrummy...think I might have to make something yummy tonight after seeing those.

Have a good weekend.

daisychain said...

I NEED that book.

And lemon butterfly cakes? YUM x

Bethany said...

I'm sightly jealous that you have snow. Our weather here has been unseasonably warm--drinking hot chocolate seems wrong :)

Kerry said...

No snow in our part of Devon yet, it idoes look very pretty- good for the weekend and staying in, bad for real life like work! I am also extremely grateful for Aunt Bessie... Peanut and chocolate scone, an appealing combination

Amanda said...

No snow here yet, so it's good to share yours! Those cakes look delish! Wish I could share those too! Our Ethel Austin closed down sadly, or I'd have been snapping up one of those beauties! Have a lovely evening my dear. Love, Amanda xxx

Emma-Jayne said...

Your cakes look lovely. I must admit those button biscuits look very cute indeed.
I know what you mean about the snow, living in the north east of scotland, road closures were common but on parts of A96 it was over 6ft of drifts :) great for kids, awful for getting anywhere!

Florrie said...

We had a little overnight snow but it disapeared by late afternoon, bitterly cold though, those cupcakes look trying to quick-knit a couple of scarves......why do I always get caught out by the weather?
florrie x

Pene said...

We have snow,probably about the same as you. Daisy has spent the day running round and round the garden. She came in looking like a giant snowball and I had to use the hairdryer on her to defrost all her icy attachments. Me I've stayed inside, crafting has kept me warm hehe.
Hugs Pene x

FoofandFaff said...

Snow in JUNE?! We had our first flurry this morning and its my idea of hell! Altho weirdly I'd rather have snow than a heatwave hehe. The cakes look awesome, you could come to my house any time! :)

Em said...

We had some snow overnight but its almost gone now..but its so bloody cold it'll freeze over and I'll no doubt go belly up on the pavement (thank god I've got plenty of padding)!
I like the look of those cakes and cookies...I could be tempted into the kitchen but I'd have to go out to buy ingredients so I think I'll stick with some hooky tonight.
Em xxxxx

Clara said...

I just love those button cookies!

jane p said...

Snow only looks good in pics or movies to me. I know I won't survive in cold weather. I feel cold just looking at all that snow. I love cupcakes and cookies. Think I'll bake some soon. I'm an awful cook and baker but good at following recipe.

emma bear forever said...

I will take cake over stew anytime ;) x

qwiksave said...

We haven't had as much snow as you - something I'm pleased about but my boys aren't. They can't wait to go sledging! We had enough for some snowballing fights though. I can relate to just cooking cakes, its all I can manage. Yum though! :P

Jackie said...

Your garden looks so lovely in the snow!! Those cakes look really really yummy - yes please to the recipe!!! Think you might be doing yourelf down on the cooking front - and I'd pick cakes over stew any day!!;-) xx

Alex said...

Ooh it's like a winter wonderland! Opinion is split between my two Newcastle based friends as to how fun the snow is - one loves it, the other one hates it!

I've made the button biscuits before. The recipe was in a different cookbook (think it's quite a traditional regional recipe?) but they were scrummy and they're so cute to look at.