Saturday, 26 June 2010

Origami Money Shirt

I sometimes give cash as gifts instead of unwanted presents. I know its a bit of a cop out but with the cost of computer games, which is what most of the kids want I can't usually afford £40-50 for each birthday so a tenner it is!
In order to make this a little more inventive I fold the money into little shirts, if you had a big birthday or event you could make these and add them to the front of a card with string and little pegs to make a money washing line, however this time it's just the one.
As I was making one today my son suggested I should do a blog post about them, so here you go:

Take a tenner (works the same with £5, £20 or £50 ~ not that I see many of these!) a crisp one is better but lets face it they all spend,

Fold it in half lengthways with the Queens face on the outside,

Open that up and fold each edge into the middle,

Flip it round and make a small fold at the bottom of about 1cm,

Then fold the top corner into the centre line on each side, this makes your collar,

Open the bottom out and make another fold, just past the pound sign,

Open this fold out and fold each corner until it touches the crease line you just made,

Fold these little triangles you have just made over on themselves,

Fold the bottom back in on the crease you made previously just after the pound sign,

Take this bottom section and fold it up and tuck it into the underside of the collar,

Squish it flat and you have a little money shirt!

You can have the money in any position but I prefer this way as you get the silver shiny bit on the front of the shirt. There are other ways to make these shirts but this is the way I have memorised so it's the quickest way for me.

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Amanda said...

What a clever idea! That would be a great gift for Little J's friends as I think cash is what they really want at that age.Hope you're having a lovely weekend, chick. Lots of love, Amanda xxx

jane p said...

Don't wish to be a party pooper but I would never do this to money! I would do it to craft paper or fabric tho'.

Pink Poppy said...

Great work Kandi. I tried to do this for my friends little boy as I gave him money this year instead of a toy as he has pretty much everything there is to have lol! anyway I couldn`t do it so ended up shoving some very crumpled notes in his card ooops!


Kerry said...

This is great- my partner is much better at Origami than me, I'm getting him on to this

Bethany said...

Someone gave me a money shirt once and I always have wondered how that was done. Five years later--mystery solved :)

Em said...

Oh wow what a clever idea!!
And I'm a big fan of giving money as gifts for kids who have everything and more than they could ever possibly want...especially boys, girls are usually really pleased with some nice handmade goodies though.
Em xx

dosierosie said...

Great idea, If someone gave it to me I wouldn't want to undo it.

Hazel said...

Kandi, is there no end to your talents? x

simplyvintage said...

What a great idea Kandi, I think I might be copying this next time I give money as a pressie - well I'll try and copy it, it might not turn out as good as yours! Lindax

Nellie Dean said...

What a fab idea - love it!

Tired Mom said...

What a super idea, my teenage nephews always get money for birthdays as like you said the games they want are so expensive. X

Sarah said...

Such a clever idea, makes the pressie that little more special x


One of my mates taught me how to do this using empty crisp bags. Great idea doing it with money for gifts!! -Pootle Flump x

WoodbankCrafts said...

Fab idea, will definitely have to remember this one. Nic x

LadyBugSays ... said...

Fab idea!