Sunday, 22 May 2011

Little Vintage Linen Revamp and Gifts

I found the sweetest embriodered cloth at the boot sale a few weeks ago and snaffled it up for pennies!

When I got it home and gently hand washed it I found it was a bit ravaged right in the middle, so I took the scissors to it.  I salvaged three of the four corners and turned them into little stuffed lavender hearts. 

I think these will hang next to my bed to see me off into dreamland.

I love making stuff from otherwise useless stuff ~ many a mortal would have chucked that cloth, that makes me smile.

This last week or so I have been making buttony stuff as I took part in Lemonade Kitty's Button Swap.

I really enjoyed making for this one as I love buttons.  I was paired with a lovely lady Maria of Dinky Dots .  This was Maria's first ever Blog swap and she was a bit unsure as to do so we agreed I would make and post my stuff off first to give her an idea of the sort of things we send to each other. 

I really enjoyed making for Maria as our tastes differ, it is good to come out of your comfort zone sometimes. The hardest thing about this swap was giving away a bag of chocolate buttons ;0)

 Maria has blogged about it here, pop over and have a look she makes some fab stuff.

Yesterday I got a lovely gift from a kind lady who follows my blog, Chrissie aka Ziggy2407.

The softest pink notebook and matching pen with the most adorable necklace

Isn't it adorable, and it's just the perfect length for me too.  I was wearing this all day yesterday and whilst eating my dinner a garden pea escaped my fork skimmed the boobage and popped right into this cage.  I spent a good few minutes shaking it out :)

Thanks very much lovely lady x

p.s. Still planning my giveaway ~ will be back with it soon.

~ ♥ Back Soon ♥ ~


Rosie said...

I love that necklace,glad you managed to get the pea out. It wouldn't have looked quite the same with it in the cage!
Thank you too for leaving a comment on my blog x

bibbitybob said...

Your button swap looks lovely, and that necklace is so cute! Might pinch your heart idea myself x

Carmen said...

Love the bits you sent to your swappee. And that birdie necklace is just gorgeous you lucky thing :)

B............... said...

You already know that I love the necklace and your hearts are so pretty!
Great swap, the bracelet is fab, I've just wrapped mine ready to send tomorow xxx

gf said...

Just found your blog, love your hearts, you have some very pretty items.x

daisychain said...

AHAH the image of a pea sat in that necklace is cracking me up!

Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

I love the necklace! I bet your lovely goodies went down a real treat too!

dizzytina said...

Fab swap items you sent lovi and that necklace is adorable. The pea story cracked me up!xx

Vintage Vixen said...

I love that necklace and the pea story will have me tittering all evening. xxx

Amanda Makes said...

Ah Kandi, you make me laugh! Have got one step closer to sending the cups! They are now boxed, wrapped, sellotaped, labelled and ready to go! Let's see if I can do the post office bit more quickly! xxxx

nellie dean said...

The embroidered hearts are fab! Well done.

Alex said...

Ahahaha, you've made me chuckle with the pea story. What are the chances of you doing it again?

Love how you've reused the fabric with those pretty hearts. I've become so loath to throw away any type of fabric since I've been blogging and have seen how amazingly creative people are. I might not get round to things for a while but unless something is trashed beyond all repair, it stays in the fabric pile rather than the recycling one.

Dinki Dots said...

Thanks so much (again!) for the wonderful swap gifts! Not to mention the lovely comments here! :o) My parcel for you is all ready to be posted on Monday - there is one item that I know you're going to like!!! Maria x

Josie-Mary said...

Love the hearts & the pea story is very funny :) x

lemonade kitty said...

Wow, you certainly know how to make something out of nothing, those hearts are lovely and I can just smell the lavender in them. How generous of you to send such a wonderful parcel to your swap partner, I love everything you sent especially the bracelet, the buttons are so me. Thanks for taking part in the button swap you've done me proud, Lucey x

ziggy2407 said...

Ooooh Kandi, you are one talented lady and Maria is one lucky lady too, absolutely love all your makes. I especially love how you manage to see the good in everything - fancy seeing beautiful hanging hearts from a piece of ravaged cloth.

Im so glad you liked the necklace, I did think if you didnt like it enough to wear I was sure you'd be able to make something with it. I expect nothing in return, just wanted to pass on my thanks for being such a wonderful person and sharing your talents with me (and your many readers).

Love always

Chrissie xx

Anonymous said...

What great swap items!

I always lose things in my boobs! Many a time I've taken my bra off in the evening and somethings been hidden in there.