Monday, 2 May 2011

Last Day of Freedom, Herons and Cushions

Well, the eleven day wonder break has sadly come to an end, the only thing keeping me afloat is the promise of another Bank Holiday at the end of May!

I did manage to make quite a dint in my list of things to do, I did complete my table, I did plant lots of stuff up and tidy the garden, I did make some cushions.  The only thing I didn't complete was making my Roman Blinds.
Life and work got in the way, I did have to do some work at home this week and had to briefly pop into work which took a little of the shine off my week off. 
I will get these made though, I have had the fabric for months now it's a disgrace!
I did make cushions though, I hunted out my fabric and found a metre or so of Cath Kidston Cotton Duck that I forgot I had bought!  I knocked up a few cushions in different styles using my Cath fabric.

I made a standard cushion with velcro fastening:

An envelope style with double ribbon fastening:

  Standard cushion with middle zip fastening

And lastly my second mini hexie cushion.  On Friday I spend many hours infront of the TV watching the Royal Wedding and I sat and finished sewing these little hexies together by hand.  I started these ages ago and I keep dipping into them.  As these little hexies took such an age to hand sew together, I think I will keep this one, it is indirectly my Royal Wedding Cushion :)

I also made the best of my last day off with some Car Booty, I bagged a few bargains, I'll show you later this week.  We finished the day off up the River Coquet, him fishing me sewing on the grass.  
 He didn't catch much, and there was a far better fisherman in attendance all afternoon.

Can you see him in the very middle ~ a magnificent Heron!

Hopefully I will be back soon with photos of Roman Blinds :)

p.s. have to say I'm becoming increasingly vexed at the blogger photo and dodgy spacing shenannigans ~ growl!

p.p.s. Thank you all for your support regarding my little Folksy shop, it's rather scary but quite exciting too, special thanks to Tina, Nic & Laura my first three customers mmwwwahhhhh!

~ ♥ TTFN ♥ ~


LaaLaa said...

Great post honey! Your afternoon looks lovely and I LOVE the cushions. Beautiful. xx

VintageVicki said...

Evening :) Fab cushions - I could just pinch the Hexie one :)

I hadn't had blogger/spacing probs until today - I was using an old version of InternetExplorer - I am now using an up-to-date version of Mozilla (apparently) - I wonder if its to do with that?? I certainly found blogger a pain today when I was writing my post.

Tilly Rose said...

Hi hunny
I LOVE your hexy cushion! I want one!
Isn't it really satisfying when a project ends?

Thanks for all your lovely comments last week while I was in Northumberland...especially Calico Barn! You made my week :)
Karen x x x

Bethany said...

I LOVE the hexie cushion! I love hexies, but I just don't see myself going anywhere with them beyond filling a giant bag or tin or box or something with them, and then looking at them wistfully (I do NOT like to hand sew). So I think I'll just admire the efforts of others from afar :)

♥ emma bear forever ♥ said...

Hello Kandi,
Oh my goodness more cushions :) you will become known as the cushion lady at this rate They are such pretty one's too. Really love the hexi one I would fight Vicki for it :P

Sorry to hear that your having problems with blogger, have you checked out the blogger help forum for any tips? Best of luck xx

Anonymous said...

lovely cushions!! I got a sewing machine for christmas witht he idea of making a little scared though :-S :-P

Lucy said...

Wow, you've been productive, it'll be a nice rest going back to work! Love your hexie cushion, I don't think I'd have the patience.

The heron is beautiful, he looks like he's eyeing your hubby saying "Get off my patch!" though :)

qwiksave said...

I love your 'Royal Wedding' cushion too, and am not surprised you want to keep it.

What a beautiful setting and weather you had for your fishing and sewing day. I would have watched the heron too, I know they are meant to be pests but they are interesting to look at.

I have always had spacing problems with photos and blogger, I just think they haven't got it right!

The Patchwork Heart said...

Love your Royal Wedding cushion, I did some Royal wedding crochet . . . a girl can't sit and do nothing eh?
Heather x

Please may I? said...

What beautiful cushions. You are so talented.

X x

Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

I'm in cushion heaven just looking at those lovelies. You've surpassed yourself with the hexy one, it's stunning.

Ali said...

Lovely makes there missus xx

Jacquie said...

All your cushions look lovely Kandy , my favourite has to be the Hexi one....stunning :0)
Jacquie x

dosierosie said...

great cushions.

Vintage Vixen said...

That patchwork cushion is a triumph, there's no way you could sell that beauty.
I'm trying to picture you sewing on a sunny riverbank watching Mr Kandi's fishing attempts. xxx

WoodbankCrafts said...

Beautiful cushions as always, the hexie one is quite something I'm not surprised you want to keep it :) x

dinoprincesschar said...

oh im sure my mum used to make hexie cushions, i want to learn how to do them!
and i also need to figure out how to make a cushion cover i have a little bit of dinosaur fabric left which i think would be a good size.. :)

Amy (Blighty Boutique) said...

your cushions are gorgeous x

Dinki Dots said...

Hi there!
We've just been partnered up by Lemonade Kitty in the button swap, so i thought I would come by to say hello!
I'll send you an email soon to ask some questions on your likes/dislikes... (I guess that's what I'm supposed to do - this is my first swap!)

Dinki Dots said...

Me again - thanks for your lovely comment on my post! I've now added my email address to my profile (I didn't realise it wasn't there!).
I did actually email you before I got your comment, so you should have an email from me - but maybe it's gone into the junk folder or something.
Very excited about the swap!

B............... said...

Gorgeous cushions but love the hexie one the most.
I have never attempted a hexie one and not sure I'd know where to start, any tips greatly appreciated!

B xxx

hart44 said...

I love, love, love your cushions Lisa :) the hexie one is something I realy want to try (one day lol).
Sue xx