Saturday, 7 May 2011

I'm feeling a bit stitchy...

I'm still in the process of making my Little Hexie Cushion Tutorial, it is taking longer than I thought; I will have it ready this week though.

I thought I would show you some of my other little makes of late, first up is this little needle case.
After making those little cross stitch kits the other week I got the cross stitch bug and made a little needle case for my lovely friend.
I made it up as I went along using colours she likes and I'm quite pleased with it! It didn't take all that long and it's rather sweet.

These would be nice little gifts for people who stitch, or even people who don't for emergency repairs and such. The aida was scrap from another project as were all of the cottons.

I have also been enjoying playing with my wax and have knocked up some sweet little wax melts and a few more candles.

Check out these sweeties, lemon meringue pie hearts and roses :)

and little lemon meringue pie, lemon wedges. They smell divine :) 

On a totally unrelated note I have been asked a few times now about my blog name.  I have to admit I had never thought to mention it before now.
You see many years ago I played MMORPG (to normal people that is online games) and I was trying to find an original charachter name that was not already taken. 
Bearing in mind I was drunk, discussions got onto our favourite kids shows and names we could use from there and Andy Pandy got a mention.  
We somehow went off on a tangent and decided that Andy Pandy had a naughty sister who left the Picnic Basket and got a job as a stripper in Trumpton, we called her Kandy Pandy ~ but changed the y's to i's for added sleaze factor; I have used Kandipandi for years now it just stuck.

Fancy sharing why you chose your blog name ~ go on you can't have a worse reason than me?

~ ♥ TTFN ♥ ~


Bethany said...

Stitchy is better than itchy, haha--and seriously? You made that up as you went along? I like cross stitch but I'm still in follow-the-chart mode. for my blog I had the Sweet Bee part (my nephew calls me Bee) and the 'Sweet' part sounded better than 'Sarcastic Bee' lol...since SweetBee was taken I had to throw something else in, hence the Buzzings part (aka: stuff I feel like writing about :)

Ali said...

Love your needle case - lol loving the thought of a stripper in Trumpton - excellent xx

Nana Go-Go said...

You`re just too good at everything, Lady! What FABULOUS waxy creations and your shop is very pretty indeed. x

lemonade kitty said...

I love champagne and I love cats but "champagne kitty" just didn't sound right so I picked "lemonade kitty" instead as it had a better ring to it!! Your lemon meringue makes sound lovely I'll pop over and have a browse. Lucey xx

Dana said...

Oh those lemon wedges are calling my name I bet they smell gorgeous, and thats some lovely stitching. My blog is called drinking fabric because when I see fabrics I like, my mouth waters and I need a drink (am I normal?!, probably not!)

qwiksave said...

He, he, that explanation of your name was funny! As you know, my blogging name is qwiksave, which I thought was appropriate for the moneysavingexpert site which many of us know each other from. So people would know me from there I kept it for my blog but really could do with a more creative name for my artistic stuff. I had a brainwave when I thought of my blog name, 'Creative Flourishes' and was delighted to find nobody else had thought of it!

Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

My is too boring! It is my business name! I love your slut filled name though! lol!!

Fabulous cross stitch pattern, clever you as I know it is not as easy as it looks designing your own patterns. The lemon wedges look great xx

nellie dean said...

Great name explanation! nellie dean is what my dad used to call me when I was little. I decided to resurrect it and now people think I'm called nellie.

dosierosie said...

Dosie Rosie is a name from my past, Rosie is a shortened version of my maiden name and Dosie because I have a tendency to do silly things and when I did I was called Dosie Rosie. It has stuck and I can think of worse nicknames.

LaaLaa said...

I love your needlecase! So pretty. I also love the reason for your blog name. You already know the reason behind my blog name. Very boring! I hope you're having a lovely weekend. xxxx

daisychain said...

Love the needle case, so having a go at that!

B............... said...

Love how your name came about, really made Me smile :o)
Couldn't resist ordering the lemon meringue tarts along with a teacup candle, you are ery naughty for tempting Me xxx

Pene said...

I have always wondered about your name, and now I've heard the explaination I can't think of one that would suit you more LMAO ;)
Have a great weekend
Pene x

Anonymous said...

I love your needle case - so sweet! I have just got into cross stitch after buying Cath Kidston's Stitch! book. Love the story about your blog name! Mine is named after my fluffies! :o)
C x

p.s. I am new to blogging and would love to have a few more followers and any tips/advice people could give would also be great! :o) xxx

Lucy said...

Ha, I never had you down as a sleazy stripper, love it! I'm Tete en l'Air in pretty much all my online guises - it's French for Head in the Clouds - I studied French at uni, am a bit dizzy and also very tall, so it fits in every way!

Ooh I can almost smell those melts from here, even through my cold! xx

Anonymous said...

You make such pretty things!

My blog name is because I love anything adorned by butterflies and I have a short attention span. My mind goes from one thing to another in the same way a butterfly travels!

@callie - I'm relatively new to blogging too. I will pop along to your blog.


Anonymous said...

haha awww i loved that story!! they are the best sort of names ;-) my Blog name is really rather boring :-P "little red crafting corner" because everything I buy is red haha! Im called snowbunny on a lot of things coz I like to snowboard but always buy the girliest stuff to do it in...i'm not even girly haha!!

P.S can't wait to buy your candels :-D

♥ emma bear forever ♥ said...

Haha love it!!! xx

Vintage Amethyst said...

Oohhh I think I can smell those wax melts over here! Lemony deliciousness! I love wax melts!
My blog name is pretty boring really as it is just my business name!
I love the story of your blog name!!!

PootleFlump said...

Love the story of your blog name! Really made me giggle. xx

hart44 said...

Wow1 the little lemon roes and hearts look lovely, I can almost smell the lemon :)
Love how your name came about.
Mine is because I was born on my nan's birthday (her maiden name)we were very close, she loved crafts and was very independant just like me :)
Sue x

a mermaids purse said...

im catching up here my lovely!...ive been so busy lately and slapping my wrists at not commenting enough! abit boring with 'kazzy' as my names karen and my dad always calls me kazzy ;0)...i love the cushions, rose lemons and the beautiful all your delightful makes kandi xxxx

Alex said...

The lemon stuff is fantastic!

I had a couple of online aliases on various forums and games but they didn't quite fit - I'm Alexnikov on some things but that always means people think I'm a man! So the blog name basically arose because I wanted something a bit different that rolled off the tongue nicely and I always, always wear odd socks. Then I went looking for a rhyme!

Romi and Bob said...

\i love these needlecases and have just been perusing your blog and found your lovely cushions too. It is amazing that you sewed all the little hexies. I would totally keep it after all that hard work. It is the kind of thing your children can treasure when they are older.
On the subject of blog names, Romi is short for Roman who is my other half and Bob is the nickname for my daughter, Eliska.

Barrijayne said...

Hi, I found you via Bibbitybob. You have a lovely blog and I'm looking forward to reading your past post. I might even attempt to make a small patchwork cushion after seeing your works.

I love your lemon wedges too.

Barrina x