Sunday, 2 October 2011

An apology, a whinge and some little makes...

Can I apologise for been a bag blogger.  Real life has just been insane busy, mainly work and I've been coming home from work and literally falling into bed exhaused!

Things are changing though, first up I've booked a week off work and intend to relaaaaaxxxxxx.  
Following my little break I'm planning to reign things in a bit at work and have more time for me and my family!

I have also decided to wrap up my selling for now.  Maybe I will sell again in another guise, but at the moment I don't want the pressure of making stuff to sell.  The idea behind my Folksy shop was to sell stuff I had already made and hadn't found a home for but I was beginning to find it stressful and it's supposed to be fun, I was never in it for the money.

So there you have it my moan is now over, onto my makes...

I made a few bits this week for gifts, including these keyrings and a bookmark for a ladybird lover.

There have been a couple of appeals that I couldn't turn down recently.
Jodi asked if anyone could help knit some little hats for charity,  Jodi is collecting knitted hats for the Special Care Baby Unit at the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford.

I got the crochet hook out and made these two little hats, they are so small.

If you are able to help pop over and have a look at Jodi's appeal here.

Our Annie the Felt Fairy is also on the lookout for knitters, for her operation Christmas Child Appeal.

I'm planning to knock some bits up to send to needy kids, if you can help, you can find more details here.

Right, back to the Christmas makes and some relaxation!

~ ♥ Back Soon ♥ ~ 


jane p said...

I actually know what you mean - I'm feeling the pressure of producing just for the sake of selling. But I don't have a day job so making stuff to sell at craft markets is the only way I make money at the moment. The worse bit is making stuff that always sell because it becomes so monotonous. Silly I know from a biz point of view. Last quarter of year is the best time to make money for me so I'll just have to be really disciplined. I really love the cute crochet stuff you make. Can't believe it wasn't so long ago when you first picked up crochet.

B............... said...

I don't feel abandoned by you at all *sniff sniff* ;o)
I want you on form for November hunni so you make sure you do pull the reigns in.
Those hats are so teeny tiny. I wanted to help Jodi out myself but just haven't found the time yet which is so wrong as I can totally relate to what Jodi is doing.
Gorgeous makes lovely and I really don't blame you for not wanting to sell anymore!


B xxx

LaaLaa said...

I'm so glad to hear that you're going to reign work in a bit and have more time for YOU and not be so stressed. Beki and I both want you to be on top form for November. It's only 4 weeks now! I'm back at work myself tomorrow so I foresee a few tired weeks coming up.

I'm loving the keyring! That's so lovely.

Have a fab week off honey pie!


qwiksave said...

Popped into say Hi, have missed your blog popping up in my Reader.

What lovely things you have made as usual, and well done on doing the ones for the charities. Those hats are sooo small! Aww.

Enjoy your week off for you, and look forward to seeing what you make next.


Vintage from the Village said...

Know that feeling. Doing longer hours now in a new job which is hard work and signed up for 2 craft fairs and getting stressy because I havn't got time to make things ! and I havn't done a blog post since August:(
Good luck with more time for yourself and family (will miss your makes though!)
Sue x

Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

Thanks for the shout out you moaning old bat! Ha Ha! Only messing kid!

Those hats bring back memories of Amy in the special babby care unit, I had to use a standard orange to see if they would fit her. She had a drip into a vein in her tiny head and hat to wear a hat at all times till she was 8 weeks old! A brilliant cause xxx

Tillyflops said...

Sorry to hear you are stressed.I know exactly where you are coming from, re selling.Im not in it for the money either "Thank God" lol. I cant work due to ill health, so my little world of crafting does help.

Best Wishes, and Hugs,


Anonymous said...

I hope you have a really relaxing week :-) Its a shame your folksy shop got stressful but as you say if you weren't having fun then its no good really!!

vintage girl said...

Totally understand why you felt you needed to stop selling, it's no fun feeling like that when you initially enjoyed creating things. I love your makes especially the keyring. I have popped over to annies blog and offered some knitting too, my two girls are going to donate their pocket money to make up two boxes. Lisa xx

Alex said...

Ah I wondered where you'd been! If making stuff isn't fun anymore then you're definitely making the right decision to stop with it. Enjoy that week off work!

Pootle Handmade said...

Glad to hear that you are going to have more family time and time to yourself to relax. Its a shame that you arent going to be selling any more as your things are lovely but when the fun of it starts to go thats definately when a break is needed. I dont do it for the money either which is quite handy as my house would have been repossessed by now if I did! Your little hats are soooo cute. Take care. x

Vix said...

Nice to have you back. If you're not enjoying making stuff to sell it's a wise decision to take a break and do it for pleasure again.
Thank you so much for my beautiufl parcel, I'm absolutely thrilled with everything you included, the perfect pick-me-up after a rough weekend. xxx

dinoprincesschar said...

Definitely agree with those above who say if it's not enjoyable, don't do it!

Wendy said...

Beautiful key chains. And good for you for making the decision to stop selling if it's not making you happy.

I'd love to help the appeals - could you send me the pattern/link to the crocht hat as it would take me 2 months to knit one but I can crochet a few before the deadline.

Lucy said...

Ugh, pesky work getting in the way of making and blogging, I know how you feel! Thanks for those links, hopefully I should be able to knock up a little something or two with stash wool. Those hats - sooo tiny! :( xx