Friday, 25 February 2011

Little Gifts and a Big Gift

I have been rather lucky these last few weeks. My charity shopping has picked up and I have had two blog wins!

These are the delights I won this last week they both arrived the same day for double the pleasure, first off is this delightful little pin cushion from the very talented Rachael of Clever Cheshire Cats; in all my favourite colours:

Isn't it divine ~ thank you Rachael x

And then this beautiful bracelet; hand made by the rather clever Hazel from Sewn Up, Stuck Down, the little frames have Cath Kidston paper inside:

I love it ~ thank you Hazel x

Now remember my coffee table buy from the charity shop on Monday; this is it:

Not terribly inspiring and I couldn't take a decent photo as it is HUGE and I couldn't find anywhere to put it. It's rather orange and a bit skanky at the minute but given some time it will be fit for the lounge ~ honest.
I was looking for some wool jumpers yesterday in my lunchtime to make some cushion backs when I found these two little tea sets, I had candles in mind for them but it seems a shame to use them, I really like these two:
Well onto the big gift, 6ft to be precise! My darling Son Adam is 16 today. I can't quite believe it, it seems I cradled his tiny 5lb 2oz body in my arms for the first time yesterday; I blinked, and he is now 16! He is the most wonderful teenager I have ever known; everything a parent could wish for, loving, thoughful, kind, handsome, funny and smart.

Happy Birthday Baby.

We bought him this cookie in lieu of a cake...

... and on reading it he said 'I didn't realise you had 15 other Adams' ~ told you he was smart!

~ ♥ Back Soon ♥ ~


Hazel said...

You are more than welcome Kandi you lucky thing! Happy birthday to your son (who looks much older than 16!)x

Scarlett Fontaine said...

Great Gifts and Im loving those tea cups :o) Scarlett x

LaaLaa said...

Happy birthday, Adam! Definitely smart. xxx

FoofandFaff said...

Haha love his comment, nothing wrong with a smart alec/adam :)

giddynici said...

The little teacups are darling. I would be tempted to put a candle in them as well but they don't need it.

Happy Birthday to Adam! x

Vintage Vixen said...

Wow, Kandi, your lovely son looks like he's in his early 20's, I bet he has lots of female attention! Happy Birthday, Adam.
That table is fab, I can see loads of potential. xxx

Ali said...

Lovely things there cant wait to see what you do with the 'skanky' table (ooh I love that word!!) Happy birthday to your son mind if I pinch your birthday cookie idea?? xx

Jackie said...

Can't wait to see the coffee table transformation! Love the teacups, particularly the second one. Happy Birthday Adam - what a handsome fella! xx

Bethany said...

You should just tell him you weren't happy with the other 15 Adams, but he's the one that stuck :)
What a handsome guy!

Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

Happy Birthday Handsome Boy! What a lovely looking lad you have!

I love the pin cushion, I was lucky enough to win one too and it is bloody lovely!!!

daisychain said...

cookie cake! your son is rather handsome!

Helga! said...

Adam's a bit hot,too!!!
Lovely wins and scores,sweetheart!! I'm gagging for some chazza shopping.....!!! Some water first would help! xxx

hart44 said...

What a lucky day for you Lisa :) :)
I love the little tea cups :)
My dughter was 16 last Oct so I know how you are feeling, they grow up so fast and they leave you wondering were did the years go :(
Wish him Happy Birthday :)
Sue x

♥ emma bear forever ♥ said...

Happy Birthday Adam :) Im really looking forward to seeing the coffee table transformation, I bet it will look gorgeous x

VintageVicki said...

Happy Birthday Adam :)

Scary that our babies is getting so grown up.

What lovely giveaway wins - sometimes goes like that - win nothing for months and then 2 in a row :)

WoodbankCrafts said...

What lovely finds and giveaways :)

Happy Birthday Adam, my daughter was 13 in Dec and I couldn't believe how fast that had gone too x

Amy (Blighty Boutique) said...

those tea cups are gorgeous and your baby boy looks much older than 16. Happy Birthday to him x

Dreadnought said...

Happy birthday to your lovely son! Glad you won such gorgeous bits and bobs. I've gone 'permission only' over at amanda makes but haven't entered any 'allowed' visitors's just a matter of finding the time, but when I do you'll be on the list, my friend, and then we can start blogging again. Missing it badly but just so exhausted every night that I can't think straight! Loads of love, Amanda xxx

Country Girl said...

What lovely wins! Good luck with banishing the orange pine, too.
Happy Birthday to Adam - my son becomes a teen on Sunday.

clare said...

What gorgeous the bracelet!

Happy Birthday Adam xx

Can't wait to see the table finished!

Hugs Clare@weekend crafter xx

dosierosie said...

I love the necklace. Hope your son had a good birthday.

LittleGem said...

Gorgeous buys and makes, especially that pastel pink tea cup.
Wish you lived closer, would be so lovely to meet you!!

Rebecca said...

Those teacups are so beautiful!

And I'm sure the coffee table will look awesome - it's got a great shape to it, just needs some tlc :)

Em said...

Lovely gifts there Kandi!!
And belated Happy Birthday to Adam, hope he had a brill day.
Have a lovely weekend.
Em xxxxxxxxx

Highland Monkey's said...

You pick up some lovely things....not that I'm jealous or anything!

Alex said...

Oh I'm very late with this but Happy Birthday Adam! Hope it was a good one!