Thursday, 20 January 2011

Stylish Blogger

The lovely Pene, Gill & Hannah passed this on to me with a challenge to share another 7 facts about myself with all my friends in the blogging community. I love reading these as I am just so nosey so it seems only fair that I share my facts too, so here goes:

1. I am the proud mum to two gerbils (aka the Giblets). The kids whined and against my better judgement we got them two gerbils last month. I was not terribly keen but I must say they are cute little critters, they are hard to photograph as they are so fast. We have found the cat looking at them and licking her lips … watch this space!

2 I have an outrageous temper. It rarely ever surfaces properly (these days) and many people can’t believe it as I am usually rather even tempered, but when I am pushed I go off like a bomb and can clear a two mile radius with my insane rage ~ are you scared now?

photo from:
3. I’m a terrible reader. I used to demolish books but since I got into crafting more this last year or so, I can’t find time to read and only read at bedtime. This is the pile of books at my bedside and I am currently part way through all of them! It’s disgraceful really but I am like a butterfly flitting from one thing to the next all the time. 4. I love magazines! I went for a long time not buying any; I would borrow them from the library or do without. Back when I was reading I would resent paying a few quid for a magazine when it would buy me a book instead, but I’m back in the magazine zone again. To be fair I do read them to death and with the crochet, knitting and sewing magazines I go back through them time and time again. My favourites are Simply Knitting, Ideal Home, Your Home & Country Living.

5. I attract nutters. Not sure what it is about me but if I am stood somewhere or sat on a seat in public you can guarantee someone (often crazy) will come and talk to me and tell me their life story or just generally creep me out!

photo: Gary Larson's Far Side taken from

6. I hate peanut butter, it smells like sick!

7. I have a thing for tea, I can drink tea till the cows come home. Earl Grey, Lady Grey, everyday Yorkshire Tea, Lemon tea, Nettle tea ~ you name it I will drink it (this is a very apt recent gift from my lovely friend Nic ~ thanks lovely x).

So there you have it another few pieces of me. I have to pass this on, but again, if you fancy taking up the mantle please feel free to, I will not actually tag you as I know some of you don't like it, but it's open to all.

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Ali said...

OMG - I can relate to 1,3,4,5 & 6 - lol!!!

Bethany said...

2,3,4,5,7 all the way!! I get the "nutter attraction" gene from my mother :)

Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

Great facts! So you are a short tempered nut magnet then!! lol! Excellent. Gerbils are cute, Amy had some when she was a kid. I really love it when people share there bits, I guess I am just nosey too!

emma bear forever said...

I'm a little bit scared of you now!!
:0) xx

Vintage Vixen said...

I love how you call the gerbils, the giblets! Brilliant.
Jon always accuses me of having "friend of the nutters" tatooed to my forehead in invisible ink. They can sniff me out a mile off. My favourite so far this year was a burly, cross-dressing Chilean who followed me around Goa dressed in a sequinned blazer and a gypsy skirt. xxx

Em said...

Congrats on the award!!
Yes I'm a nutter magnet too, where ever I go in the world the local 'weirdo' seems to make a bee-line for me!!
Looove the gerbils too, we had some years and years ago and I loved them.
I remember Mica who was not quite 2 at the time took one out of the cage and it bit her so she bit its tail off!!
The only harm it suffered was a name change to 'Stumpy'!! it lived for a good couple of years and two house moves!
Em xxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Kandi, this post made me smile (especially the one of you attracting the nutters:P :) I love random facts, and love other bloggers pick and choose something about themselves:)

daisychain said...

I love your tea bag rest. Aw to your gerbils, I had two as my first pet...they were called Biff + Scott!

Amy said...

lovely to hear more about you. I'm terrible at getting half way through books then leaving them. I've got The Little Stranger but haven't read it yet either x

keshling said...

I love Cold Comfort Farm! It's a brilliant book - what do you think of it? I don't attract nutters so much as people who want to tell me all sorts of things about themselves - usually old people. I must have an approachable face.

dinoprincesschar said...

I always start more than one book at a time, i think it's cos i have a total inability to stop reading a book, so i usuallty leave the ones i hate for a little wqhile, and finish something better, then go back to my rubbish books when i have totally run otu of options!

Julia said...

Hello my lovely

I just wanted to pop in and thank you for the kind comment on my blog - Ive just enjoyed having a little look at yours and your knitting is fabulous, oh I'd love to learn how to do that...maybe one day!
Im with you on the magazine thing, I love them to bits, but my new year promise is to stop splurging so much money on them...I wonder how long this resolution will last!

Have a good weekend,
Love Julia x x x

Serenata said...

We had gerbils! They are right characters, fun to watch and so easy to look after.

Alex said...

I've often got more than one book on the go. Some books just aren't designed to be read all in one go.

The gerbils are v. cute!

mlh79 said...

Jamaica Inn is fantastic, very brooding and atmospheric. I read it whilst on holiday in Cornwall one year, appropriately, and even visited the Inn itself. I've also got To The Lighthouse, but haven't started that yet. Good one to have at the side of the bed as they are only short stories.
One of my new year resolutions was to try and read more - I'm thinking: finish a crochet or knitting project, read a book, do another project, read another book etc! There just isn't enough time to fit it all in is there?!