Sunday, 3 February 2013

Keeping my Hands Busy

I am a person who can not sit still. I am unable to even watch a movie or TV without sitting and making something.  I have had a horrible cold for several weeks now and even with that I am unable to just sit!

Lately I have been enjoying cross stitch and embroidery, I bought a beautiful kit designed by Jane Greenoff of Cross Stitch Guild Fame.
This is my current endeavour, the thing with work like this is that many many hours produce little results.  It will be a long time before I have a finished article but I am enjoying making it and it is keeping my hands busy.
I did take a break from this to create a gift for my friend Lynda, the design is heavily inspired by my CSG make but with my own touch.  
 The words are inspired by a note I received from Gill some time ago, it lives on my fridge and is a motto I like to live by.

"Make Much of Time"

Little antique sampler needle roll.

I have joined a little 'Happy Mail' swap over on Instagram organised by @hunnypothouse and I have made a couple of little bits for that but I can't share until they are with their new owners.

So for me it's back on with my needle roll and when I get the chance a little more crochet.

Back Soon


LaaLaa said...

I love my needle roll so much, thank you honey! I can't wait to see your finished dragonfly one - I think it was dragonflies anyway! Xx

Shirley said...

I know cross stitch isn't the quickest of craft but that is what I like about it, I also like to do something like I watch TV some times I am just listening to the words and just looking up now and then, maybe that's why I like the plays on radio 4.
I love the words :)

Charlie and Wendy said...

Your new pattern looks beautiful and the needle roll is gorgeous, love the saying too.

Wendy said...

that is so lovely! What a great idea to make it into a needle roll. Cross stitch can feel like you're not making any progress!

daisychain said...

I miss having time to craft! xx

Kezzie said...

How gorgeous!! What wonderful embroidery! I must make time to have a go- I bought a little kit!x

Jille said...

I can`t sit still either! The needle roll is gorgeous and a lovely gift xx

dosierosie said...

You have made my day-to think that something I said could inspire something so lovely.

Lucy in the Clouds said...

Oh I like that "Make much of time" - very inspiring! Hope you feel better soon!! xx

Pickworth said...

I especially love the previous post about knitting ... can anyone please give me any information on how to knit a flower the same as Kandipandi did to embellish her dishcloths ... they just add the finishing touch.
Would so appreciate any advice!
Hugs and keep warm!