Thursday, 14 February 2013

Happy Mail Circle of Love

Happy Valentines Day

Over on Instagram Jackie of Sew Special Bears fame has created and organised a happy mail circle of love swap (thank you!).  The opportunity to craft and gather a few valentines related gifts was too good to miss.

I have been seeing these pretty crochet hearts all over blogland and Instagram, they were created and shared on Lucy's blog (Attic24so I whipped up a few and following the pattern on Flickr by Made by BeaG.

Another little hearty make was heavily inspired (or stolen - I did ask permission though honest) by a little magentic heart I bought from Hookin' With LaaLaa's shop ages ago.  It love it, it lives on my fridge and I thought I'd make a couple as gifts after coming across the little magnetic frames recently.

My LaaLaa Frame is at the top, the bottom two are now with their new owners (grr photo will not rotate).

These were the handmade part of the packages I sent out and I received some beautiful handmade items back in return!

Imagine my pleasure at receiving this little lot.
From Meanyjar

 From Noodle Bubble.
And from Jackie herself

Beautiful and thoughtful goodies from kind and thoughtful ladies, many thanks.

Back Soon 


char said...

As usual, I'm in awe of your crochet skills, those hearts are lovely!

Ali said...

Loving your crochet - gorgeous!!! Enjoy all your new goodies they are all lovely xx

Cheryl said...

My! So many heart themed goodies. Lucky you. I must keep my eye open for a set of magnetic frames like yours. (---creative mind whirling---). Your crochet hearts are lovely.

Shirley said...

The crochet hearts are so sweet; x

Charlie and Wendy said...

So many lovely gifts given and received. I love the different hearts you created, love the crochet and cross stitch!

Plain Jane said...

Well done on persisting with the knitting. I also prefer crochet and am determined that this year I will knit myself something bigger than a hat to wear! Good luck x Jane